Watch Where You Stick That Thing!

It seems like this IUI cycle has been particularly tough. I’ve had to use lots more medicine, and the timing has worked out such that I’ve had not one by four (!) ultrasounds so far. Normally I get away with two. These are transvaginal ultrasounds with the transducer, or as I like to call it, the Condom Wand (mainly because it’s a wand with a condom on it – pretty original, huh?) Normally, they are pretty much non-events, but these last two ones, I have been in serious discomfort. My ovaries are very unhappy about their weight gain due to all of the medicine and remind me at every opportunity, particularly during these ultrasounds. Oh my God. I wanted to scream when she just kept moving the Condom Wand around trying to find the follicle on my right ovary today. The only good news is that tomorrow’s visit will likely be the last one with the IUI on Wednesday. I can only hope. My ovaries are groaning at the very thought.

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