I ♥ My Husband

I have shared my deep feelings of grief and frustration with my husband whenever a friend or relative calls with the news that they are expecting. I got the impression that he accepted my feelings but thought that they were wrong or just useless (you feeling bad about it isn’t going to change it from happening). This weekend, we are heading back to the city where we used to live and where two couples who we knew pretty well have either very recently or within the last few years went from coupledom to familyhood.

I have avoided going back with him because I knew he would want to see them and I would have to go. And I would have to hide how awful I would feel and put on a good face for what would seem like way too long. Neither couple knows of our troubles (although I have dropped vague hints) and it’s not exactly something you kind of bring up out of nowhere (“What a great color scheme in the living room, and oh, by the way, I had an artificial insemination with Sweetie’s frozen sperm last week because we are having trouble conceiving like you did! Don’t even get me started on my miscarriage! What kind of fabric is that?”).

So, when it became inevitable that we would go back for a holiday party, I dreaded fielding the questions about whether or not we were going to see these couples. Today, I finally mentioned that we might go visit on Saturday, fully expecting that this was what was required of me. And Sweetie gave me the most wonderful gift: he said it was up to me if I wanted to see them because he knew how hard it was for me. Oh, what a wonderful feeling – what a weight lifted off my shoulders!

I’ve given it some thought and I think I would like to see one of the couples who had a baby in May. She’s not likely to be pregnant again so soon and I can still get a baby fix rather than deal with a toddler. But, I’ll make sure that I have a code word for Sweetie in case things get too difficult and we need to leave.

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