It’s Like Christmas All Over Again

As I was brushing my teeth this morning, the door bell gonged and I scampered hurridly toward the front door, toothbrush still in my mouth. On the doorstep, shivering in the cold was the Magic Fed Ex Man holding a large package with my name on it. I knew exactly what it was: DRUGS! My mind immediately began singing, “Drugs, glorious drugs!/Lots of syringes and Lupron!”

And oh, what drugs there were. Boxes upon boxes of Menopur, the box of Lupron, the box with the HCG trigger (not my usual pre-filled Ovidrel), the icky progesterone shots, and antibiotics. And then there were the needles. There were so many that any professional baseball player would have swooned in envy. Bless the pharmacy, they were even tucked in the empty sharps container.

Why am I getting excited about drugs? Because otherwise I will cry like a baby at what I am about to put myself through to be able to produce a child.

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