Lupron Symptom Watch: Day 2

I’ve been on the Werewolf Drug for two days now at a dosage of 0.1cc and so far the only real symptom has been extreme weepiness. I am crying at every little sad thing like Ricky from Project Runway (he should be his own drinking game – everytime he tears up, drink. You’ll be sloshed by the 30 minute mark). Friend having to put sick kitty down? Yep. Trying to decide about whether to adopt dog? Yep (they all need homes!).

So, I am restricting my TV watching from now on. No Lifetime Movie Network, the Hallmark Channel, WE, Animal Planet, or anything else that might trigger teariness. No commercials for AT&T, Werther’s Originals or Hallmark. From here on out, it’s Die Hard and other testosterone-fueled non-weep fests.

I need to be able to keep my mascara on, people!

Further Strange Symptom: I have been unable to leave my kitties alone and have been snorgling them with abandon at every opportunity. More often than not, I am left with a) a squirming cat, b) a top covered in fur and c) fur stuck to my newly-Chapsticked lips. I am undaunted.

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