Babymaking 101

I absolutely lurve these kind of posters that seek to condense incredibly complex biological procedures into four easy steps:

It’s like the people at the top are saying, “why yes, I do think I will try IVF! Aren’t those needles just darling?!”

There is a large version of this in the exam rooms at Dr. Uterus’ office and it cracks me up everytime I see it. There is no way you can make such an invasive, expensive and time-consuming process seem more benign and easy than this poster.

At the same time, it serves to remind me that IVF is in effect babymaking dumbed down. I don’t mean that the people who turn to IVF are dumb – no, I mean that all guess work is taken out of the process of conception. The eggs are perfectly matured and harvested. The sperm is introduced at the exact right moment – and some are even inserted into the egg. The resulting blastocysts are incubated at the exact temperature and implanted at the perfect time. The beauty of IVF is that it does make something that is so mysterious and left up to chance as controlled as possible. If only the process were a little less … everything.

2 thoughts on “Babymaking 101

  1. I love it! It’s like See Jack run. I love the final explanation of what it means to be pregnant. Is it possible that there are women out there who get to the IVF stage and still need this helpful definition?

    Maybe I should start handing small copies of that poster out as little business cards when people ask me why we don’t have children…

  2. LOL! You are abolutely right. If you’ve reached the IVF stage and you still need an explanation of what it means to be pregnant, you have some catching up to do.

    I would hand those out to show people the effort that is required in making a child. That might just shut them up!

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