The State of My Ovaries and Other News

In keeping with the January plethora of State of the State, Union, City, etc addresses, it is only appropriate that I give an update on all things having to do with Mrs.X.

Concerned Citizens of the Blogosphere, you have asked (well, actually not) how my formerly sleepy ovaries are doing on the nuke ’em method of egg production. Good news from Dr. Uterus: he has declared my ovaries to be ‘beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’ and humming along on their journey of egg production. My estrogen is apparently doing quite well and was also called ‘gorgeous’.

I would not be exaggerating to say that he has a thing for hyperbole.

For my part, I feel as if I have swallowed a balloon that has lodged itself in my midsection and moves everytime I try to sit comfortably. Instead of the pinging and twinging earlier this week, we have moved into dull ache territory. And, I learned the obvious lesson the other night that intercourse (as Dr. Uterus put it) is not advisable. Ouch and ouch. But, Sweetie is now on conservation measures in anticipation of providing a specimen early next week, so I don’t feel too bad completely turning him away.

I go back in for another scan tomorrow, Sunday.
I finished Wuthering Heights and I have to say, I wasn’t that impressed. Sorry, Emily dear, but I think Charlotte was the better writer. I haven’t read Agnes Grey yet to see if Anne trumps either of you.

Sweetie now wants to get the Laurence Olivier version of the movie on DVD. I’m having trouble picturing him as a brooding Heathcliff.

Next on the reading list is Villette and The Boleyn Inheritance (I love trashy fiction!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I found the quilt pattern that I want to use for my friend’s baby quilt. I sent a picture to her and she is thrilled. I’m going to use some wonderful vintage children’s fabrics. Hopefully, it will turn out as beautifully as I am picturing seeing as how it is my first quilt and all.

She also absolved me of any guilt about not being able to handle details about her pregnancy. I am so grateful and happy that she is willing to forgive me this one thing. She is a truly wonderful friend.
I got a new iPod but I’m still trying to figure out how to switch the library from my work computer to my home computer. I am searching for the elusive “iPod control” folder and so far have been disappointed. Damn you search dog!
Sweetie and I are meeting friends for a movie date tonight. On the marquee: Rambo. I’m in it just to see if Sylvester Stallone is using a walker yet.
Well, as you can plainly see, Concerned Citizens of the Blogosphere, Mrs. X is doing pretty well. She has shown much economy in her prudence, wisdom in her interactions and bloating in her ovaries (not to mention snark in her general direction). Go about your business knowing that Mrs. X, for one, has things well in hand.

Good night and Dog Bless.

5 thoughts on “The State of My Ovaries and Other News

  1. As a CC of the B, let me just say that I’m envious of your quilting abilities; I wish I could help you with the iPod; and I request that you report about the walker.

    Dog bless you, too, Mrs X.

  2. I wish my RE would fawn over my ovaries like that! It’s so hard for any part of me to feel “beautiful” these days… I’d take that!

    Young Laurence Olivier… yum. Did you ever see that movie “Rebecca”? Very melodramatic and dark and fun.

  3. Hey there, well, I’m a suck for hyperbole when it comes to reproductive organs so I’m delighted for you.

    I’m a huge fan of historical fiction and when I’m not reading it, I’m feasting on it via film or TV series. My latest addition: The Tudors. We’re wrapping the first series on DVD. A great distraction if you need more…

    P.S. Laurence Olivier rules… excuse me I feel a bit flushed

  4. Glad to hear the State of Mrs. X is “gorgeous” and “beautiful”, and productive… will be interested to hear how the quilt goes.

    As for the ipod… when I got a new computer last year I was able to transfer the library from one computer to another. Is that what you are trying to do? I found instructions online.

  5. Lori – no walker but he definitely had to be hitting the steroids or used some amazing stunt doubles to do his stunts. It could also have done with a lot less blood.

    Thanks for all of the good wishes, ladies. I will take an RE given to hyperbole anyday. And apparently, I will have to see Laurence Olivier. I see he still imflames all these years later.

    PJ- How does Jonathan Rhys-Meyers do as Henry VIII?

    Schatzi- that is exactly what I’m trying to do but the directions I’ve found on line haven’t helped so far.

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