Things That Come in a Dozen

Here is a random listing of things that come in denominations or measurements of 12: one cycle in Chinese astrology, golf balls, roses, the Dirty Dozen, the rumored length of John Holmes’ “member”, hot dogs, and, the number of Mrs. X’s eggs retrieved today!!

That’s right, ladies, 12 beautiful eggs. I am very happy with the number and apparantly Dr. Freak Out could find nothing initially wrong with them. According to Dr. Uterus’ nurse, if the eggs initially appear immature or otherwise ‘oeuf’, she makes “noises”. There were no noises. That of course, doesn’t mean that we are going to have 12 beautifully fertilized eggs, but it is a good start.

The retrieval itself was pretty uneventful for me. Although, tell me, Schatzi, how do you do this without pain medication!? Unfortunately, my recovery has been a little … bumpier than I would have liked. Bumpy how? I have terrible, awful, horrible, excruciating … gas. The kind of gas that doesn’t come out unless you walk around. As Sweetie so eloquently put it, “You’re just going to have to fart and belch your way out of this one.” It’s so bad that I have a hard time taking a deep breath. It totally sucks.

Tomorrow we get the fertilization report. Sweetie spoke with Dr. Freak Out while I was in la la land and she told him that they had decided to do 75% ICSI and 25% natural. So, 9 eggs will be fertilized with ICSI and 3 will be left to their own devices. I wonder if they will pipe in some Barry White, lower the lights, leave some wine to move things along?

It’s going to be hard not to focus and fret about how many will fertilize, but I know that it won’t help matters at all. It it is literally out of my hands, my body and my ovaries at this point.

Thanks also to Shinejil, Lori, Peesticks, Jellybelly, jill_986, and Schatzi for your wonderful words of encouragement!

(Lori- I reformated the post and managed to lose your comment. Sorry!)

4 thoughts on “Things That Come in a Dozen

  1. That’s great, Mrs. X! May you have a dozen hulky embryos waiting for you!

    I hope your airy affliction clears up swiftly and that you feel better very soon.

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