Doin’ the Old Lady Shuffle

Image: smileygeekgirl
I am doing the Old Lady Shuffle today. That is the hunched over, put one foot in front of the other shuffle due to extremely sensitive body parts and still (unfortunately) lingering ‘airs’. I’m counting down the minutes for the work day to end so that I can pop a Vicodin and curl up on the couch. I have been putting the heating pad to good use, though, having it firmly strapped to my mid-section to dull the ache during the day. Thankfully my job does not require me to move around a lot, so I’ve been able to sit around and play on the computer (isn’t that what I do every day?)

In better news, we got the Fert Report: 9 eggs out of 12 fertilized! 8 out of 9 fertilized using ICSI and 1 out of 3 fertilized au naturale (well as natural as you can get in a petri dish). I am really happy since it means 75% of the eggs fertilized. We’ll get more info tomorrow on which ones are growing and we should have a tentative discussion on how many will get transferred. We’re looking at a transfer on Friday. Hopefully I will be feeling much better by then.

I’ve also told everyone and their mother from Dr. Uterus to his nurse to the nurses at the IVF lab that I do not want the blastshots. Dr. Uterus declared that I was his first patient to make this request (that’s me, always the trailblazer) but he will respect my wishes. I have no problem with them keeping them in the file but as I explained earlier, I would be too tempted to lob onto them as our future children and suffer the consequences should the cycle fail.

Otherwise, it is embarrassingly quiet on the Mrs. X front. Till tomorrow!

One thought on “Doin’ the Old Lady Shuffle

  1. Congrats on your transfer… and fabulous fert report. Oh, and yeah… the whole gassy thing. I get you. Loved the “gonna have to fart and belch your way out of this one”. Very, very fitting.

    Hope a little vicodin and an evening on the couch do the trick!

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