The Post In Which Mrs. X Is Chatty

image: Lovely Day
First off, thanks to everyone who commented on my last post and helped me see that there really isn’t a whole I can do right now to ensure a positive outcome (short of like, sleeping with Kevin Federline – ick, yuck and barf), Instead, I should watch a Golden Girls marathon (fabulous idea Matthew M.F. Miller), do my taxes or play on-line games (I choose on-line games Deathstar), go shoe shopping (mmm, shoes thanks Melanie) and basking in the additional waves of good vibes coming from shinejil, schatzi, tabi, peesticksandstones, kidlicious (welcome!), and lori). If nothing else, I can’t say that I was depressed during the 2WW. So thanks and I can only hope to provide similar excellent advice should you ever find yourselves in such need. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We can also now have our own Disney On Ice special: Embryos on Ice! Yep, our six little blasts that were left after the transfer made it safely into the thaw just like Han Solo. Sweetie was concerned that they, too, would have carbon-freezing sickness upon being thawed. I assured him that this probably won’t happen. We also discussed the very real possibility that they are all skating around right now in the liquid nitrogen or maybe having one helluva kegger. One can only hope. They can survive in this state for eternity (assuming of course someone keeps paying the electric bill). We’re just glad to have six back up options.

I also got an answer on my question about the Day 3 v. Day 5 transfer. The missing piece of the puzzle that Dr. Google selfishly withheld is that to reach Day 5, the blasts are put in a rather challenging environment in the lab and those that make it to Day 5 are truly the “best”. Total survival of the fittest, infertility style. He only uses this for where there are many embryos and you can afford to lose some that don’t make it to Day 5. We had 9 embryos and I would have been supremely pissed if we lost some before transfer because of the Day 5 Challenge. Dr. Uterus would much rather see how the Day 3 embryos do where they want to be rather than in a lab. I was very pleased with this explanation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
image: The Pack
It appears that I’ve been tagged by Lori in some out-quirk-ing contest. Well, let’s see what Mrs. X can come up with, shall we? But first, the rules.

1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules.
3) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself.
4) Tag at least three people.
5) Make sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting what you did.

Quirk No. 1: I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch every single day in high school. Yes, I still eat them sometimes. But maybe once or twice a month.

Habit No. 2: If I can’t find something, I automatically think someone stole it. It doesn’t matter that there might have not been anyone in the house. I am not above accusing my cats (“Kitty, what did you do with mommy’s keys?”)

Important Thing No. 3: I have been to Mardi Gras and flashed balconies with hundreds of people. One time (yes, there were multiple times) I was a little drunk and forgot to lift my bra in addition to my shirt so the crowd got a lovely view of my lace bra. I was roundly booed.

Quirk No. 4: I love even numbers and hate odd numbers passionately. Luckily, I was born on an even day, in an even month in an even year. Sweetie was born in an odd month, on an odd day in an odd year. I married him anyway (on an even day in an even month but in an odd year).

Habit No. 5: Everytime I walk into my kitchen I mentally curse my ugly, ugly countertops. Die Corian Die!

Important Thing No. 6: I have been in Newsweek and Time.

Well, Lori, Ms. Lord of the L? Quirky enough for you?

For my three tags I throw down the gauntlet to shinejil, melanie, and jellybelly. Who among you can out-quirk me? Hmmm?

8 thoughts on “The Post In Which Mrs. X Is Chatty

  1. Hats off to you, Mrs. X.

    RE #1: We are yin/yang. I have NEVER had a pbj sandwich.

    RE #3: you just totally shattered my ladylike, Victorian image of you.

    RE #4: Sounds like you fit together like hand in glove.

    RE #6: Do tell!

    And, yes.

  2. I, too, ate PB and J (or honey) for most of my high school career, because my discipline-loving school refused to let me bring my lunch just because I was a vegetarian. Despite these bitter associations, I still love PB&J.

    I’m with Lori re: Item #6… if it won’t blow your blog cover, of course.

    Thanks for tagging me! Though you’re a tough act to follow…

    I’m so glad your little totcicles are safe and sound, and that you got some clarification on the Day 3 vs. Day 5 issue. Very helpful info to have!

  3. Mrs. X, I am coming out of the lurkdom closet to say how much I enjoy reading your blog.

    I love that you were a flasher.

    And hooray for Embryos on Ice! Good to have options, but am hoping you won’t need them.

  4. Lori- sorry to have shattered your ladylike image of moi. But, it was inevitable. And flashing was sooooo much fun (and totally pre-Mr.X). As for PB&J, you must try dahling!

    As for No. 6, Lori and shinejil, a lady never tells. And yes, it would likely blow my cover.

    jj- I do the strawberry thing too! Love it. Glad to know that someone else is numbers’ obsessed.

    kaaron- welcome and thanks for your kind words! I hope to keep entertaining, although, hopefully not about infertility. Good luck on your road, as well.

  5. All I can say is hidden object games, Scrabble and Mahjjong. I love peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches. Can’t remember the last time I had one….

  6. Hi. Just came over from Lori’s blog and I think I’ve just found a plan for getting through the last 2 days of my 2ww–reading your back posts. From what I see so far, you are very entertaining. When is your beta scheduled?

  7. Deathstar- I’ll have to try on-line Scrabble. It will certainly help the time pass.

    Denise – welcome! I hope my past posts can make the last two days a little easier. For now, I’m kind of keeping my beta date a secret. I may change my mind later. Best of luck for you!

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