Mrs. X Muses. Pay Attention.

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When I was a kid, I hated Valentine’s Day with a passion. As early as elementary school, I learned that the holiday was really about who has and who doesn’t. I hated the ritual of giving out little Valentine’s day cards because I knew when I was in school, it was not required that you give them to everyone else in the class. That egalitarian advance was after my time. The whole day was an exercise in self-esteem depending upon how many you got. In high school, my negative opinion of the day was further solidified when some club or another that was trying to raise money would sell candy-grams or other romantic items that you could give to your sweetheart and they would be delievered in class. In front of everyone. Meaning that if you didn’t get one, it was obvious. I don’t think I got one all of my time in high school.

In college, I was never in a relationship over Valentine’s Day (I was more a spring relationship kind of gal), so no organized frivolity, but at least now there wasn’t deliveries of goodies in class. Sure, the girl down the hall would get roses, but I was cynical and told myself that the guy was probably just trying to get somewhere.

When I met Sweetie, again it was about a month after V-day so it wasn’t until we had been dating for almost a year that we hit Valentine’s Day. Now I had someone to go out to dinner with and do the usual ‘couple’ things. And you know what? I still didn’t like it because it felt like we were celebrating a non-holiday. And, I felt bad for all of other girls who were still at home without a date on Valentine’s Day. We did the dinner at a restaurant thing a few years and it just seemed so trite and … expected. The hearts all over the wall, the roses on the table, it was just so “ugh”. I’d much rather go out to dinner to celebrate some important event that is of significance to us rather than buy into the craze to be ‘romantic’. Romantic to me is not Sweetie getting me roses on Valentine’s Day. It’s Sweetie getting me roses on a day just because. It’s him giving me an extra snuggle after a hard day. It’s him laughing at my many malapproprisms (“I’m going to go hare krishna on you!”).

As you can guess, we aren’t doing anything special for the big V. In fact, we didn’t even do cards this year. I didn’t want to buy into the commercial-industrial complex and I can find 50 better ways to tell him that I love him.

So, what I’m trying to say? It’s that the spirit of Valentine’s Day is a wonderful thing, but it has been so corrupted and used for commercial purposes that it is a tarted up shell of its former self. And I think everyone, no matter their current situation in life, should know on national “Someone-Gave-Me-Flowers-What-Did-You-Get?-Day” that it really doesn’t matter if you have a significant other. If you love someone or if you are loved (pets are most certainly included) then you are doing just fine. So sayeth Mrs.X.
In other news, my name today is Little Miss Cranky image: _elspeth
Pants. Apparently, my off-the-handle trigger has been set very low. This happened last time I was pregnant and it felt like violent thunderstorms that kind of pop up and then go away. On the bright side, it definitely confirms that there is HCG in my system.

My progesterone is also in the 200s so I’ve been told I can roll back the dosage. Luckily, there is no such thing as too much progesterone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Thanks also to lori , jellybelly, farmwife, schatzi, loribeth, e, jj, peesticksandstones, paranoid, shinejil, pamela jeanne, kaaron, deathstar, Denise, TABI, Kelley and Lesley for your wonderful congratulations. All of you have provided so much wonderful support and I’m looking forward to showing all of you the same love.


7 thoughts on “Mrs. X Muses. Pay Attention.

  1. Congrats on your amazing news! It is refreshing to see some good news out in blogland this week.

    Thanks for your comment earlier this week. It helps to know there are others who understand.

    Good luck with your second beta tomorrow!

  2. I missed yesterday’s big announcement, so first off – CONGRATULATIONS, MRS X!!

    I completely relate to what you write about Valentine’s Day. My idea of romance isn’t Mr H coming home on 14 February with an over-priced bunch of red roses, or a tacky card. It’s the little things we do for each other across the year that count – the hugs, or else the offers to cook dinner.

  3. The lovely local/organic/specialty bakery in our little town had a huge sign in the window that read, “Honor Singles’ Awareness Day, Feb. 14.” I got a kick out of that, even if only a ploy to get distraught singles to drown their sorrows in pastries and chocolates.

    My guy is not too good at marking requisite relationship days (anniversary, Valentine’s, etc), but he is so randomly sweet and giving that I couldn’t care less.

    I’m just so excited for you! Yippee!

  4. OMG. I have been traveling and just now got a chance to learn your wonderful, wonderful news. I am thrilled for you. Absolfrigginlutely thrilled. May you be heralding goods news for the rest of us!

  5. Just wanted to give you a big CONGRATS! and let you know I’m crossing my fingers for you.

    Hoping for a very uneventful pregnancy! 🙂

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