The Silly Boy Award

Sweetie earned the title of Silly Boy today in a phone conversation we had about my PIO injections. Ever since I have been doing them, he keeps me company in the bedroom. Originally, he was there in case of some dire emergency where I was unable or unwilling to go through with the final poke. Now he’s just there because it’s nice to have him with me and we get to catch up on things while I poke myself. He also helps me keep track of which side’s night it is – left or right?

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: I can’t remember if it’s a left night or a right night.

Sweetie: Well, obviously neither side can be hurting that much anymore if you can’t remember which side it is.

Me: They both hurt! That’s why I can’t remember!

Sweetie: Oh.

Oh, indeed.

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10 thoughts on “The Silly Boy Award

  1. Ha! Boys are rather silly aren’t they?

    I just notied your library in the side bar. I’m currently reading Villette & am so excited about it!

  2. Haha! At first I thought “these PIO shots aren’t so bad… I don’t know what people are talking about.” But a few days later — yikes. I wish I had a third butt cheek to give the other two sore ones a break!

  3. That is such a boy thing to say! If it were Mr H, I’d have been tempted to load up a syringe with saline solution and stick him with it, just to see if he could remember where it hurt!

  4. I’m just trying to imagine the Silly Boy Award statuette. Perhaps a tasteful bronze rendition of two buttocks festooned with Swarovski crystal question marks on both sides?

    Sometimes I wish I could upload the sensations I have directly into my husband’s brain. It would make things so much easier…

  5. Sounds like something out of the mouth of my husband.

    peesticksandstones is scaring me. I find the shots perfectly tolerable right now. Oy.

    Hopefully you will forget all about it when you hear the glorious screaming of your new baby.

  6. You would think the silly man could keep track of the one little thing he’s got to keep track of. Men. Although I’m getting concerned that I’ve got a wee bit too much padding on the hind parts because the shots aren’t bothering me. Everything else going ok with you?

  7. Lori – if smacks could have gone through the phone, this one would have.

    Denise- maybe. The soreness of the butt corresponds to him not getting lucky.

    Tabi- The shots (I almost typed shits – too appropriate) are nasty but I agree that the end result would be so worth them all.

    farmwife- my boy in particular is very silly. BTW – I am literally slogging through Villette. I’m having a really hard time getting through it!

    peesticksandstones – and yee too shall know the pain in the ass. Mine got better and then got worse again.

    ms.heathen – the look of agony on Sweetie’s face at the 1.5 inch needle is more than enough to convince him that yes, it does indeed hurt. Badly.

    shinejil – I hereby commission you to create a Silly Boy Award. The tackier the better.

    kaaron- you bring up a good parallel between shots in the ass and a screaming newborn. Same?

    melanie – enjoy your padding. I have been accused in the past of having a bony ass and it is certainly true.

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