Wherefore Art Thou, Mrs. X?

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I have felt very much out to lunch these past few days. Between distractions and complete exhaustion, the best I could muster the other day was a paraphrasing of Sweetie. His man-musings are good filler, but let’s face it, he’s not the one writing this blog. I am. So, I’ll see if I can step up to the plate.

I think I have turned the corner on my anxiety, no doubt in part to just being plain tired of being anxious. It takes so much out of you that unless you are prepared to really expend a lot of energy, it’s not sustainable. Since I can’t abuse alcohol, drugs or caffeine (yes, I include chocolate in this category), I had to address my anxiety head-on or continue to suffer anxiety and the utter exhaustion that it brings. Sweetie, and one of his man-musings actually got me over the hump. I asked him if he was worried about the scan next week and he very quickly and decisively said, “no.” His theory: there’s not much we can do about it and so worrying isn’t very productive. This is the lesson that I have spent the last 32 years trying to learn (and obviously, still haven’t completely internalized).

I realized that a lot of my anxiety is trying to avoid another suckerpunch like the one I got last time. I figured if I prepared myself that it wouldn’t hurt as much. I’ve tried this in the work context and it doesn’t work, so I don’t know why I suddenly had delusions that it would work in this situation (actually it is yet another manifestation of my need to control EVERYTHING that happens to me). I’ve prepared the best way I know how and now I will just sit back and enjoy the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, the man and I are hitting the road, taking a jetliner, getting out of dodge, etc for the weekend. We had this trip planned for about a month now and it turns out to be spectactularly timed for purposes of maximum distraction. We will be seeing his family (who I lurve) and enjoying that mellow feeling you get when you are at someone else’s house and they don’t expect you to do a damn thing other than sit with them and talk. I plan to catch up on my magazine reading (back issues of numerous magazines are strewn about my office and staring accusingly at me that I haven’t molested their pages at least once since they arrived), work on my cross-stitch (the project I was going to finish in November), and avoid thinking the big P word at all. It helps that the rels don’t know and we won’t be telling them. image: rah77az

I’m also going to use this weekend as the opportunity to take a minor and short hiatus from the blogosphere. I will return when I have news. In the mean time, remember to play nicely with everyone, don’t run with scissors and whatever you do, make sure you do something I wouldn’t do.

Kisses, Mrs.X

5 thoughts on “Wherefore Art Thou, Mrs. X?

  1. It is so hard to face anxiety head on. Funny how exhaustion can actually be a useful thing now and then, as it forces us to just give up on our pointless struggles.

    I’ll look forward to hearing the good word next week. Until then, enjoy yourselves!

  2. I think it’s a great idea to just throw yourself into distraction. I know what you mean trying to avoid another suckerpunch because god knows we don’t need that again! It’s hard not to try to control that, but you can control doing the things you love and that give you joy. Enjoy this break!

  3. Nice to read I am not alone in my need to control everything. Your post is so well timed for me, because I have hit that point myself. Must read books that I set aside for this time that I have neglected in favor of blogs and message boards.

  4. Guys seem to be much better at just taking things as they come instead of worrying like we do. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could re-wire our brains to do that?

    Hope you had a nice weekend.

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