Very Scared.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but this one has not turned out that way. I started spotting yesterday (very light brown) which stopped and then started again (this time pink) then stopped and started again (this time darker brownish red) and then it stopped again and the last wipe revealed light brown. To say that I am freaking out would be an understatement. I never had spotting of any kind with my last pregnancy (which was why the Ultrasound of Doom was such a shock). So, even though it is very common, it’s not common for me. I now dread going to the bathroom.

To make matters worse, I won’t be able to see Dr. Uterus until tomorrow morning. I was able to talk to him this morning and he was quite reassuring, but nothing short of an ultrasound showing everything as fine and the spotting as just some random event that will I finally be able to take a breath.

(He also knows me very well which was illustrated by his comment, “Don’t jump to conclusions.” This is like telling me not to think, but I will do my best.)

Please, please, please send me good thoughts and help me get through the wait until I can get some answers. I am terrified.

12 thoughts on “Very Scared.

  1. So sorry about the spotting! I know how scary it is but I do know that LOTS of women spot in early pregnancy and are fine. My sister spotted for all three of her very healthy pregnancies. In any case, I know I would be freaking too so I just hope your u/s will confirm that all is well. Sending you lots of good baby vibes!

  2. I am so, so very sorry, Mrs. X! Believe me, I know the terror spotting can instill, and I’ve never even been pregnant. I’m glad you have the amazing Dr. Ute to help you through this.

    My thoughts, love, and good wishes for a reassuring tomorrow are with you. If it’s any consolation, like Tabi, I have several fertile friends who spotted during their healthy, full-term pregnancies (and also freaked out, poor things).

  3. This happens a lot, happened to a friend of mine for weeks and she had twins. Just breathe and stay in the moment, as scary as it is.

  4. Thanks ladies! I’m still relatively terrified (and had some major heart stopping moments at the airport bathroom when I saw a reddish mucous). I’m glad to be home – we didn’t tell hubby’s family so it was like smiling through an enema.

    My wonderful neighbor from my previous post will take me tomorrow and is thinking positive thoughts. Me? I’m trying not think at all.

  5. Not thinking. Good idea if you can actually accomplish that. We are all thinking positive thoughts for you, so you don’t need to think about anything. Good luck tomorrow.

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