A Letter to My Lady Parts

Dear Lady Parts:

I know all of you are sad and disappointed at what happened. I am too. We just need to be strong and try to move on. A few of you, though, seem to be having some difficulty with that and so I wanted to talk with each of you about my expectations.

To my boobs: I know you are kind of the new kids on the block here since you didn’t come onto the scene until I was about 13 (and no, there is no reason for you two to tell the story about how I wanted a training bra when I was still flat as a pancake), but can you please start deflating now? Sweetie gets very amourous whenever he sees you and I have to beat him away because I am so not in the mood for that right now. Also, you can stop being sore. Seriously.

To my ovaries: I know you are unhappy and bloated. Dr. Uterus said you were probably the size of golfballs but I swear you looked ginormous on the scan (maybe it was the magnification). Please quiet down, though. I don’t need sharp pains all of the time and I certainly don’t need you to protest everytime I get up.

To my uterus: we’ve been through so much together and I know that you are very good at your job of keeping whatever needs to be in there in its place. But, I guess you weren’t paying attention on Thursday when Dr. Uterus said that things aren’t going to work out because you still haven’t let go. It’s time. Please just let it go. It’s the only way to start the healing process and frankly, your delay is really making it difficult for me to move on. You can cramp up as much as you want (yes, free pass) just please get started.

To my naughty cervix: see the above direction to the uterus. I expect you two to work together and get this show on the road. Anytime now.

Thanks everyone for reading this. Please get started as quickly as possible on your tasks and we will all be happier.

Mrs. X

image: Laineys Repertoire

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9 thoughts on “A Letter to My Lady Parts

  1. Oh, Sweetie.

    May all your parts get back to “normal” (or the new normal) soon.

    I am touched by your letter.


  2. I think you were very kind to your ladyparts in your letter and they should listen to you. If they don’t, you should shun them (only for a short period of time) until they understand that teamwork is essential, nay, required.

    On a serious note, you are strong and brave. Your humor in the face of sadness tells me that you’re one good human. Hang in there.

  3. I hope your body settles down soon. It’s not like your head doesn’t have enough things to sort out in the way of feelings — it doesn’t need any lagging reminders. Thinking of you, my friend…

  4. Oh gosh – your letter made me cry. Very touching. You express very well what it feels like waiting to start the physical process of miscarrying – the disappointment, frustration and the anxiousness to “just get on with it” so you can start moving forward again. At a time when no one would fault you for swearing, sounding angry or bitter and maligning every single part that has let you down – you are eloquent and show amazing grace and strength under duress.

    My best wishes to you – I am so sorry.

  5. LOL I thought I was the only one who talks to my female parts!!! I’m new on this blog thingie… how do I add you on my blog list? I find your blog very poetic and from the heart.

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