You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

I woke up this morning as I do every morning to the classical music station here in town. This morning’s selection with which I was destined to wake up was rather inauspicious – a variation on Taps.

I headed to the shower, half-listening to the news on NPR, trying to prepare myself for what was to come. I shaved my legs and didn’t give much thought to the loofah swipes over my stomach. I put on a favorite skirt, heels and a pretty green top. I always feel better when I look good, no matter what happens, and I was determined to do it right today.

Sweetie arrived around 8:45am to squire me to the appointment and we were kept waiting about 30 minutes after our appointed time to see Dr. Uterus. I skimmed through the new O magazine and could barely focus.

Finally, we got back to the room – the same room where almost a year ago he told me the terrible news of our first pregnancy – and in came Dr. Uterus. We dispensed with the pleasantries and (literally) got down to business.

The magical dildocam did its thing and there, right where we had left it, was our little phoenix.

Bigger. Growing. Little heart still beating away.

It is still measuring small for the time of the transfer. But, it has grown the appropriate amount since the last scan. It is now measuring 7w5d and I’m supposed to be around 8w1d. Phrases like “late implantation” were bandied about, but we still don’t have a clue. It could also still be an abnormal pregnancy, which we are still accutely aware.

No celebrations yet, no partying in the streets. For now, we are looking at it this way: we’ve bought another week. I go back on Thursday, March 20.

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful thoughts – each one has touched me and brought me great comfort. No matter what happens in the end, I have been very much buoyed by all of you.

And, my, what an incredible story.

16 thoughts on “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

  1. This is so amazing! I’m so very happy for you. And definitely don’t worry about a 2-day difference in measurement. Over the course of 40 weeks, that will be nothing!

    Congrats, again.

  2. This is wonderful news! I am so happy to hear your fighter is sticking around! I am hoping for more continued good news!! Good luck on next u/s!!!

  3. Your post makes me cry. A little heartbeat!!! I bet your little phoenix was also flipping the bird to the dildo cam, but you just couldn’t see it. Wow. What wonderful news. Happy Day.

  4. I know it’s too early for you to celebrate, but I”m happy for you anyway. I figure every day that your little phoenix keeps growing and that heart keeps beating is a victory.

    I’m gonna keep crossing my fingers for you, if it’s all right.

  5. What an amazing story! Am so glad that you are seeing growth. Am hoping things are still good, even with a difference of a few days’ growth.

  6. So, Sweetie’s uterine pep talk is working. I’m so proud of your little guy in there and hope that the good news continues.

  7. It’s great news that you made it another step. As for the size, check your birth records for your size. I was always a small child (my mom gave me my old shot records) – 30 lbs at 5 years old. When I was pregnant with #1, they told me my due date was “off” because the baby was much too small. Well, seeing as it was medically scheduled, I’m pretty sure the doctor and I didn’t both recall the date incorrectly. Long story short, she was just small (and still is). She just turned 5 and is 30 lbs. So throughout the pregnancy she was small.

    It’s worth looking into to easy some of your concerns! The last thing you need right now is ANY stress!

  8. yay phoenix (which btw, is a great city as well!)!!!!!!!

    i’m so glad that your little fighter is defying those stupid docs.

    BIG BIG hugs to you!

  9. You remind me that every day is such a precious gift, the possibilities for “miracles” still exist. Keep going, little one.

  10. I’m so glad to here that your little fighter is thriving right along! I love how you call him/her the phoenix. Just perfect. I’m hoping the week flies by so you can get back in there and see the phoenix growing away!

  11. This is the first time I’ve read your blog and WOW what an entry to arrive at! Finger’s crossed for more week-by-week-ness – is it a word? I doubt it but I couldn’t think of one that would say what I wanted it to say!

    BTW I came via Lesley!


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