Perfect Timing

The New York Times today had a wonderful article on trying again after recurrent miscarriage.

In more sucky perfect timing, the woman sitting next to me at Subway today was a) very pregnant and b) reading What to Expect When You Are Expecting while sucking down Cheetos. Thanks for that. Knowing that I could drink caffeine and eat deli meats when she couldn’t didn’t make me feel one bit better about not being pregnant (again).

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8 thoughts on “Perfect Timing

  1. If only there were some way to create a bubble around yourself in these times when you need healing and compassion, to keep out the painful visual reminders. I’m sorry.

  2. That article was so useless as to be insulting.

    Makes me wish I could appear magically in the Subway, stuffing my mouth full of sushi right in front of the poor woman with a big sign reading “Nanny nanny boo boo.” At least, I hope, that would make you laugh.

  3. I, personally, have been not been able to get this article about the pregnant “man” out of my mind:

    Wishing I could’ve been there to distract you from Cheetos lady at Subway. Walking around the city all day, I have to kinda construct a mental shield around my eyes at least a dozen times a day at such sights.

  4. I decided at one point that no where was safe from pregnant women other than a bar. I seriously considered taking my laptop to a bar and working there for awhile.

  5. A bar? Trust me, you wouldn’t be safe there either….

    Hold on, Mrs. X, the grass always seems greener – oh wait a minute, it is.

    Hey, if you didn’t throw your sandwich at her, you’re doing alright.

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