I Got Lurved On

Well, kids, she’s done it again. Shinejil has once again humbled me and made me blush at the same time. My eminently wise and sage friend has bestowed some love on me with a “less-than-three”.
I must admit that I am a little behind the times when it comes to text abbreviations (I get stuck past about ROFLMAO) so I had to cheat and look it up on Urban Dictionary.com. I know, I know, I blog therefore I shouldn’t be a luddite when it comes to other technological advances. But, I’ll tell you I have texted fewer times than I’ve been pregnant. Such is the byproduct of having a Crackberry (yes, I know I can text from the Crackberry, but why when I can just send an email? And, have I mentioned how much I hate the damn thing?)

Anywho, with so much love, I have to share it with others. I choose one of my faves, Melanie who keeps me laughing with descriptions of llamas and other fashion tragedies while documenting her journey through the various rings of Hell that is infertility. I also choose a newer friend (who probably thinks that I stalk her daily, hence her name), Paranoid, who educates me daily on the difficulties of secondary infertility while also showing how to be a great parent. Mwah to you both.

4 thoughts on “I Got Lurved On

  1. Aw, thanks! And here I thought I was stalking you. 🙂

    I’ve never gotten an award-type thingie before. I’m actually pretty honored.

  2. I never feel as old as I do when someone young texts me something and I have to say, “What does that mean?” I’m sorry, but how in GOD’S CREATION do you go from ‘gl2u2’ to ‘good luck to you too’?!?!?

  3. ROFLMAO means something???! Crap, I’m totally screwed. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the advice about the PIO shot. It’s encouraging to know that someone has done this before.

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