We interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this important announcement:

“Mrs. X has FINALLY gotten her period. Film at 11.”

Yes, finally, I have been cursed and I haven’t been this happy about it since I was in college.
Thanks to everyone who chimed in on my friend John*. You are all absolutely right (as you were last time) that I should block his sorry ass to kingdom come. But, I have a confession: I am secretly hoping that he sees the errors of his ways and sends me a heartfelt email begging for forgiveness. This is probably as likely as a) hell freezing over; b) me winning the lottery; and, c) me winning Miss America – all at the same time. But, so far, it’s what has held me back from blocking his email.

And, in the event he does send me another super-insensitive email after I asked him not to, I want to tell him point blank that I’m blocking him and why.
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In other news, five years ago today, I went from being single to married. Yep, Sweetie and I tied the knot today five years ago in a beautiful ceremony with about 75 people. I’d post pics, but that would totally blow my cover. So, instead, I’ll quote some language from the lovely note my mom sent us (which the Bad One just bit – little bastard!) which I think sums it up perfectly:

“Congratulations on the occasion of your 5th wedding anniversary! We’re happy to know that yours is a good, strong marriage with lots of laughter in it. And our best wishes for happiness in the years to come. The first five have been adventuresome. What will the next five be like?”

We also treat our wedding anniversary as the kitties’ birthday – since we got them eight weeks after our wedding and they were eight weeks old. So far, the Bad One is celebrating by being an extra nuisance. He has quite a knack for this.

I’m also happy to report that, on this auspicious day, I haven’t really thought about how long we’ve been married and that we don’t have children yet. I’ve just thought about what a wonderful time we’ve had with each other (and continue to have).

Little steps, always.

18 thoughts on “Newsflash!

  1. Happiest of anniversaries to you! Please eat, drink and celebrate. And do let us know if we should be adding a crown to your already worthy title.

  2. I just got my period, too, and have been cracking up at how much I’d been going nuts waiting for it. As though I was back in college, terrified of an accidental pregnancy (those were the days…)

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Hubby! So happy that Aunt Flo came to celebrate with you and the kitties. Here’s to many many more happy years of marriage and kitty birthdays …

  4. Hurrah! Many happy returns of the day (your anniversary, not the curse…all though I am thrilled that it finally decided to show).

  5. Happy anniversary! Not only have you made it 5 years, but you’ve survived the incredible stress of IF. That is something worth celebrating. I hope you have a lovely, romantic day.

  6. So, you know how they say if a bunch of women live together, their cycles start to coincide? Do you think it’s possible that if you visit a blog regularly it can happen, too?

    As you know, I’m always happy when mine comes. So now I’m happy for the both of us.

    Congrats on 5 years of wedded bliss/happiness/togetherness.

  7. Happy anniversary! And happy birthday to the fluffy beasties! And happy period!

    What a lot of celebrating, all at once.

  8. So glad it finally came for you.
    I wanted to chime in on the John thing. I think you should send a “please take me off of your mailing list, unsubscribe me” post. He does not get it and obviously doesn’t have any interest in trying to get it.
    Lastly, thanks for the comment, but 42 days after a D&C????????????????? That is soooo wrong. How can that happen? When I had my D&C I zeroed out quickly, and it was at the same length of time I am now and was for my first m/c which was natural and I zeroed out fast then too.

    Anyhow, much love and light and I am so sorry you know what I am dealing with or that yu are dealing with any of this. It stinks.

  9. Sounds like there’s multiple causes for celebration in the X household!

    Happy wedding anniversary to you both, and happy birthday to the kitties.

  10. What a happy day for many reasons! And I love the fact that you say you’ve been thinking about how much fun you both have had, not the IF stuff. That’s a real gift!

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