Vampira Tales

Thanks to everyone for your lovely wishes on our anniversary and Big Red finally showing up. Only in this alternate universe of infertility would I be happy that my period showed up the day before my wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful dinner and talked about all of the wonderful times we have had together. Then we went home like the old married people we are and went to sleep at 10:30pm.

Yesterday, I had another date with Vampira at the blood lab to get my weekly HCG reading. The first time I went to the lab, the person was wonderfully efficient and I hardly felt a thing. The second time, I had Vampira – a different lady who was exceedingly nice (and dear Lord was she cheerful which is not compatible with me at 8am on a Monday) – but it was a terrible stick. My entire arm felt bruised for the rest of the week, and I swear I still had a slight bruise yesterday – a full week later.

Well, yesterday, when I went back for my weekly bloodletting, Vampira was there by herself, which meant I was at her mercy. I had her poke the right arm this time since the left one still hasn’t completely healed and wouldn’t you know, another terrible stick. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I go back next week and she is still the only one there! Can you tell someone to poke you better next time? It seems like that would be like telling someone to brush their teeth differently after they had been brushing for 30 years.

Despite being poked to high heaven by Vampira and looking as if I am offically a junkie, there is good news. The quant is now in the triple, rather than quadruple digits. As of yesterday, it was 886 – a nice 63% drop from last week, in case you were wondering. It is 88% lower than my first post-D&C quant. I know, though, that it will probably take at least a full six weeks (or maybe even longer) like it did last time to get to the magic

I had the same flash of frustration that I had each prior Monday when I realized this and understood again that the frustration was due to my desire to feel like I was making some kind of progress in getting pregnant (rather than getting unpregnant). But, then I thought of the alternative. What if I was able to get pregnant next month? Frankly, that would suck. I would be wreck and would be pregnant in Paris. So, I will continue on my path to acceptance that a slow drop in the HCG means a long time to heal and actually be ready to try again.

We also haven’t gotten the results from the karyotype. I looked back at my records from last year and saw that we had them at about 2.5 weeks after the D&C. It’s now been 3 weeks. I mentioned it to the nurse and she is going to check. I’m not giving much thought as to what the results might show. This is one area where my predictions totally suck, so I’m just not going to waste my time.

Off to bed, and hopefully, tomorrow morning, I will not wake up freezing with a cat hogging the covers. This actually happened this morning. I haven’t decided if I should forgive him.

3 thoughts on “Vampira Tales

  1. I know I’m going to sound crazy, but will your nurse ‘accidentally not watch’ and let you stick yourself? These are the people who are going to send you home with far more serious shots, etc. to self-administer. I was a rather sick little kid and drawing my own blood gave me a real sense of control at the time. And it hurts less when you do it yourself. No reason to get bruises. And if you ask, at least they’ll know you’re serious about having it done well.

  2. My cat steals the pillow. He’s a little hairy runt, a small pot roast of a cat, and yet manages to take up the entire thing.

    I’m glad things are dropping steadily. You’ll get to 5, and get to Paris, and get back in the saddle soon enough.

  3. You sound like me (both with Big Red showing up at inappropriate times, & going to bed early! lol). Glad to hear the levels are dropping.

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