The Misbehaving Ovary and Other Tales of My Lady Parts

I am currently rather foggy due to the 800mg of Ibuprofen I took about two hours ago after I got home from an emergency dildocam appointment with Dr. Uterus. What fun is this, you ask? Get a glass of wine and pull up a chair.

Last night I had the worst pain I think I have ever had. It was terrible because it was like someone was stabbing my left ovary over and over again. I couldn’t sleep because no matter what position I was in, the stabbing would continue. The pain even started to radiate down my thigh! It didn’t help that I had two glasses of wine last night and I was reading the super weird, but brilliantly written American Gods so by the time I turned the light out, my head was filled with all kinds of disturbing images. When I did manage to sleep I had super weird dreams.

Needless to say, when I got up, I immediately called Dr. Uterus’ service and had myself an appointment made by 8:30. Of course, my Inner DQ was running around in a panic muttering things like “ruptured cyst” and “lose an ovary” and “surgery, surgery!”. I called Sweetie who is out of town and discussed contingency plans in case I needed emergency surgery. By the time I made it to Dr. Uterus’ office, I just wanted someone to knock me out from the pain, preferably with lots and lots of drugs.

After a surprisingly pain-free date with the dildocam, it appears that my naughty left ovary has, for whatever reason, developed a hemorrhagic cyst. The good news is that while pesky and painful (did I mention painful?), my cyst is not particularly worrisome and will resolve on its own. I have the heating pad clutched to my lower abdomen and the bottle of Ibuprofen within my clutches (although I may have to upgrade to the Vicodin). I just hope the pain subsides before we go to Paris. Mrs. X will be a cranky girl if her ovary is acting out while she is trying to admire the Venus de Milo.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post for confirming that a) boys do not think before they speak sometimes and b) I was not crazy to be really pissed off by what Dr. Uterus said to me. I was so discouraged by that meeting and it was so wonderful to hear that I was perfectly justified feeling this way. Additional props to Paranoid for perfectly describing our collective rage as ‘apoplexy’.

Even before my emergency meeting today, I had requested to talk with Dr. Uterus again regarding the mock cycle. I wanted to understand the theory behind it, particularly since so many of you who have done an FET haven’t heard of this being done. I couldn’t get the cost-benefit analysis. Cost: much pain, lost month and an endometrial biopsy. Benefit: maybe information about what might happen with the actual FET. As you can tell, the costs were outweighing the benefits.

After discussing my cyst, I brought up my concerns regarding the mock cycle. In his view – and this is strictly his view – not doing the mock cycle ahead of time would be bordering on careless. The purpose is to ensure that the particular protocol that is used works on the particular individual such that the endometrium is the right thickness and ready to receive the totscicles. In fact, the gold standard is two mock cycles in a row! Thankfully, he recognizes that this isn’t practical and only recommends one. I was still concerned that even with all of this information, the actual FET cycle may still not have the same endometrium results as the mock cycle. He acknowledged that this was a possibility, but it was the best source of information and far better than not doing one at all.

I had also given some thought over the past few days to a possible compromise on the mock cycle. Rather than doing the PIO injections, I would try the new vaginal inserts. He had told us on Tuesday that he has had some patients who have not responded to them, but since it is during the mock cycle, we’ll know then rather than during the FET cycle. And, if I don’t respond to the vaginal inserts, I will happily poke myself in the ass till kingdom come. He was happy with this compromise and was fully on board.

So, I will do the mock cycle because I know that I will not be able to live with myself if I don’t do it and the FET results in a bust. I will always wonder if it didn’t work because the protocol failed and we didn’t know it because I didn’t do the mock cycle. And, with the vaginal inserts, I don’t feel as if it is such a huge burden on me for a cycle that is a mock cycle. We would also really be starting to try again at the time that we had discussed, which was July with the mock cycle being in June. The Queen has also given her approval.

I also asked a simple favor from him: I asked him not to tell me any more stories of his other patients. He agreed immediately. He acknowledged that they usually help other patients who feel like they are alone in their struggle – but I told him, I blog, I’m not alone! I am also one of those people who don’t particularly benefit from stories of other people’s success. He was very gracious and apologized for telling me stories in the past. I immediately absolved him of any guilt since he didn’t know that I didn’t want to hear them until now.

So, I am finally at peace with our meeting with him and I am on board with our plan for going forward. It feels good, even if my naughty ovary doesn’t.

9 thoughts on “The Misbehaving Ovary and Other Tales of My Lady Parts

  1. Okay, now the mock cycle with biopsy makes a lot more sense to me. I don’t think our clinic does that. Hmmm, wonder if that’s why both our FET’s failed and the first one was cancelled.

    Tell that pesky ovary to shape up!

  2. That cyst thing sounds painful! It would have scared the living daylights out of me. I hope it clears up in time for Paris.

    I’m glad Dr. Ute apologized and all is okay on that front. Good for you for taking the initiative to clear the air. There’s no need to have that hanging over you every time you see him.

  3. It sounds like you have a really good doc, one who actually converses with you instead of talking to you.

    Rare to find.

    That ovary must be forced into submission!

  4. Sorry about that naughty ovary, but glad it did not create an “emergency” situation.
    I am also glad you’ve reached a good place regarding the mock cycle and I hope you are feeling great by Paris time!

  5. Good job, good job! There is such benefit to having support and information from the blog world. I so wish I had you guys when I was in the game. Send lots of healing light (and Vicodin) to your cranky ovary, you’ve got to get better!

  6. Poor, poor ovaries. I hope the heating pad and drugs will take the pain away. I also am so happy that you stood up for yourself, yet in a respectful way, to the Doctor, both in coming to a compromise on the Progesterone, but also in voicing your needs from him.

  7. I hope you’re feeling better, dear Mrs. X! Isn’t it insane how something so small can cause mind-altering pain?

    Fantastic news on the Dr. Ute communication front. I see now why you love him so.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about the cyst, and will hope that it resolves itself in time for your trip to Paris.

    I’m only just catching up on your last few posts, but agree that Dr Uterus’s comments at your previous meeting were pretty insensitive. I’m glad that you were able to talk things through with him, and that you now feel happier about the mock cycle.

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