Speaking of Words…

I want to thank everyone who proposed some new four-letter words regarding infertility. I had started off the list with WANT, ENVY, HOPE, FAIR and later added LUCK (which was seconded by Shelli).

Denise added PITY, jp added NEED, ahuva batya (who could use a hug right now if you have a moment) added COST, peesticks added BUMP (as in the dreaded celebrity bump watch), kimbosue added WAIT and TIME, elizabeth added SPOT, EASY and ENDO, shinejil added JUST, paranoid added NOPE, jellybelly added YOGA, gumby added PUKE, and Melanie wisely decided not to provide any seeing as how she could not think of any that were polite and not the real four-letter words. M- how about KILL as in you kill me?

I did think of yet even more: TURN, as in when will it be my turn? and FATE as in the cruel fickle bitch.

Obviously, I have a lot of posts ahead of me. I’ll ponder while I’m away luxuriating in Paris, and when I return, the series will start. In the mean time, here’s another assignment.

I only recently found The Atlantic, recently considering that it’s been around since 1857. I thoroughly enjoy it and find the articles to be well-researched and insightful (well, with the possible exception of Caitlin Flahnigan). The very last page, however, is devoted to nothing short of word smarminess. People write in and request a made up word to describe some strange situation, like I want to double dip at parties, but I know this is bad. A nd then, all of the erudite and well-educated put on their smug thinking caps and come up with some cute catch phrase. Here is the entry from the October 2007 edition (that I am just now finishing):

Oh my, I could have a lot of fun with this. But, I’ll let you lovely ladies have the first crack.

When I get back, I’ll post what the winners were from here and in the magazine. Be creative!

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12 thoughts on “Speaking of Words…

  1. Being the FarmWife that I am, my first suggestions must be Breeding & Husbandry. I realize most people wouldn’t like to use them, but I think if you’re snarky enough, you can totally pull it off!

  2. Yeah, Farmwife has the right idea. How about mating? “Well, since Chandler got his promotion, we’ve been mating.” Rutting? Freefucking?

    Why do you need a polite way to say that anyway? Who needs to know who couldn’t take a good old “we’re trying to make a baby” kind of explanation? Do people talk about this stuff at cocktail parties nowadays?

    Have a FANTASTIC, delicious trip! Can’t wait for your four-letter festival and your reports from Paris!

  3. OH MY GOD!
    You’re going to Paris?!!
    I was just there last Oct. and (along with hubby) have been wishing I was still there just about every day since. We want to go back so badly!
    Enjoy your trip! Not sure if you’ve been there before but if not, Versailles is definitely worth the bus ride out there. When we were there most of the foliage was pretty much dead but now, things must be greening up pretty nicely. And don’t forget to make it to Monparnesse – Monmarte(??) – The highest part of Paris. I keep forgetting the name but it’s where there’s a great overlook of the city, the Moulan Rouge (sp?) and the cafe where Amelie was filmed.
    We stayed in the Latin Quarter when we were there and had the best time just wandering around and soaking up the culture.

    I don’t even remember what the assignment was in the second part of your post. I just saw Paris and got so excited! 😉 I’ll have to go back now and finish reading!

  4. Have a wonderful time in Paris, Mrs X.

    I’ll look forward to reading your 4 letter word posts when you get back – and, of course, to hearing all about your trip.

  5. I always get grossed out when people give you that knowing smile and say “We’re trying.” I feel like they’re going to get down and the floor and demonstrate just how they’re trying, and I will pass on that action, thank you very much.

    My vote is for “working without a net.” If someone told me “We’re working without a net” I would know just what they meant and wish them much luck with it.

  6. yeah, I’m a little late, but I can’t help but chime in:

    hurt – more emotional than physical
    pain – in the arse

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