The Magic Number

I briefly left the desk this afternoon to get the mail and when I returned, there was a voice mail on my phone from Dr. Uterus’ office. My HCG is officially 2! Yay! I was shocked since it was 83 just two weeks ago and I was expecting maybe 20s. So, maybe my mellow Paris experience also helped eek out those last little whatevers of HCG from my system. No more Vampira at the lab for me!

Hopefully, Big Red should arrive soon (although no signs right now) and I can try to get back to a normal cycle. Since before we left for Paris, my thinking has been to just relax in June, not start the mock FET cycle and just be. I’m still leaning in that direction and Sweetie is cool with that. We’ll see how I feel when Big Red arrives and I have to call in to report the same.

Either way, it is finally over and that feels wonderful.

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11 thoughts on “The Magic Number

  1. So happy for you, Mrs. X. It does seem like you’re heart and mind is still on vaca in Paris! I’m hoping that the feeling lasts for a very long time!

    As for the FET … go with your gut instinct.

  2. Awesome news (as weird as it always is to experience wanting your HCG to go away). Here’s to fresh starts… and sunnier days ahead.

  3. That’s great! I’m so glad to hear, too, that you’re taking it easy and trying to get back to a good place. I hope that these next few months bring you peace and happiness, in whatever form it appears.

  4. Paris does a girl good, huh?! I love that you had a great trip and I feel you about taking time off. It’s so nice to scrunch back into just enjoying life. I’d forgotten how nice it is not to judge my self worth by the fluffiness of my lining!

  5. Fingers crossed that Big Red does, in fact, show her face soon. (It always sounds strange for us infertiles to wish for a period, no?)

    Anyway, I’ve been lurking on your blog for months and wanted to let you know what an inspiration you have been for me.

    I (finally!) got around to starting my own blog. If you get a moment, please stop by and check it out:

  6. Oh I know that glorious feeling when finally the HCG is down! Enjoy and hoping this feels like a good clean slate to start from.

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