Welcome to the Comfort Uterus Inn!

Thank you for choosing the Comfort Uterus Inn!  We here at the CUI are determined to make your stay as pleasant and as long as possible.  I see that we were expecting to welcome four of you, but in the end it is just two.  No problem! CUI can accommodate both of you with out any problems.  You will find that we have prepared everything with meticulous care for your burrowing pleasure and will continue to keep things at optimal levels so that you have no excuse whatsoever to want to leave. 

Please note that check out time is in nine months, give or take a few days. And, there is a penalty for early withdrawal.

So, get comfy – but not in the hallways! – and gestate away!

image: givepeasachance


As you can see, everything went fine this morning.  I was loving the Valium, which I took on a mostly empty stomach since I was so nervous up until then that it went straight to the top of my head and I was not the least bit fazed by the process.  There was still some cramping, but it wasn’t as bad as last time. Mr. X was also there with me in the Smurf suit they made him wear last time and I just held his hand and pretended we were snuggling in bed rather than sitting in a procedure room with the goods on display.   Dr. Uterus pronounced it a super smooth transfer.

Of the six totscicles that we had on ice, only two made it out of the thaw, but those two were apparently “beautiful” according to Dr. Uterus.  I’ll take two beauties over four crap embryos any day.

I’m now on couch potato duty (twist my arm) until next week. 

As for the dreaded beta, I’m keeping my options open.  See, I never did the POAS thing after any of my 6 IUIs or my IVF.  This was mostly because each time I used an HCG trigger and a false positive would be worse than a false.  So, I just didn’t do it and waited for the blood results.  The problem with that plan, though, is I have come to DREAD the phone call.  I have tried any different number of ways to make it more pleasant – have Nurse to a T leave a message and I get it when I’m ready, answer the phone directly so I can know that moment, etc.  None of it has really worked. 

This time, I’m flirting with the idea of POAS the day before my scheduled beta so that a) I can grieve/celebrate before anything is official and b) I can decide if I want to do the blood test at all.  We’ll see how I feel closer to beta time. 

Until then, I am sending telepathic messages to the two totscicles bouncing around in my uterus to burrow in for a nine month hibernation.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Comfort Uterus Inn!

  1. What a great post!

    With such an inviting hostel, I’m hoping your guests decide to stay for the full invitation.

    Comfy, comfy! Burrow, burrow!

  2. Good luck. Lots of lucky 8s there. They had better work. Or I shall sue all the 8s in China for PRETENDING to be auspicious.

    Will be thinking of you, on and off, for the next two weeks. Go totscicles! And so on.

  3. Glad everything went well with the transfer. Enjoy your couch potato time. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope those totsicles make themselves at home!

  4. Get cozy, totscicles! As QM would say, “Take off your coats & stay a while.” A LONG while. Please….if you do, we’ll all send you pretty things in nine months!

    Praying for you & the tots!!

  5. Glad to hear that all went well with the transfer. Hoping that the totsicles make themselves comfortable, and settle down for a nice long stay at the Comfort Uterus Inn!

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