To Pee or Not to Pee…

That is the question.

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The shots and needles of outrageous fortune

Or to take HPTs against a sea of troubles?

As somone one who only pees on sticks to make sure she’s not pregnant, I have never peed on the stick after a run in with Dr. Uterus.  I have waited, with baited breath, until that phone call telling me of my fate.  One of the main reasons was my overwhelming concern of a false positive since each time I’ve had an IUI or with my last IVF, the trigger was HCG – the same one that says you’re pregnant – and let me tell you does that take a long ass time to leave your building. 

But, this time, no such dilemma. Instead, I can actually pee on a stick and reasonably trust the results.  And yet, I hesitate.  I’m enjoying this bubble of not knowing, this bubble that allows me to think that maybe, just maybe, this worked.  If I pee on that stick, that bubble might burst.  Although, the phone call will really pop that balloon like a pin.

I’m about 75% leaning in favor of doing the deed, but I think I need to sit with it a little while longer.  I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow, but I know if I have one in my house, I may not have the self-control to wait until I’m absolutely ready to know (and that wouldn’t be tomorrow).

On the other hand, I just have remember the sound of Nurse to a T telling me that the test was negative to know that maybe peeing ahead of time will be beneficial, no matter what the outcome.

image: hartlandmartin


As you can see, I have returned.  And, I know that the most pressing question on your mind is not how my trip was (fabulous but hectic) or whether I got to see some old friends (yes), but whether or not I actually did my PIO injection in an airplane lavatory. Well.


Sorry, I know that this would have earned me the ultimate in hardcore admiration, but the timing actually didn’t work out.  I did, however, do the deed in the airport bathroom, where they thoughtfully also provided a sharps disposal.  I have to say doing it in the bathroom wasn’t nervewracking at all.  I was amused at the thought of someone opening the door by accident and seeing me shooting myself in the ass – I did make sure the door was securely closed first.  And, they had some soothing music on.  It was actually quite boring.

And, now, I’m tuckered, so nighty-night.

5 thoughts on “To Pee or Not to Pee…

  1. I feel a kinship…I too shot myself in the ass in the airport and had high hopes (pun intended) of doing so in the airplane. I do understand the dilemna of to pee or not to pee. I probably will do it again prior to beta. Well, I know I will because I’m going on vacation the week I’m supposed to be going to the office for my beta.

    Either way, I’m pulling for you. Enough’s enough, Ms. X. Life has had its fun, now let’s get you good and knocked up for, oh 9 months or so!

  2. Whether you pee or not, I’ll be here holding my breath for you! I always end up doing the deed, because (a) I’m a control freak, (b) I am not well known for my patience and (c) I’d rather tell myself the good news than have a nurse do it for me. But don’t let my bad habits influence you!! ; )

  3. The airport bathroom had a sharps container? Wow, that’s thoughtful.

    I, like you, had no will power if the mighty pee sticks were in my house. I held out as long as I could and give in 2 (or was it 3?) days before beta. It was the first time I actually did POAS. I never did with my prior cycles and those were BFN’s. I was tired of hearing it from a phone call.

  4. Yeah, my mind was nearly blown by the airport sharps container.

    I can’t bring myself to POAS, even though my beta is on Tuesday, and you’d think the trigger would be outta there by now. But part of me–the truly cheapskate, stingy part–is ganging up with the part of me that loves denial, and making it impossible to contemplate a stickpee. You know, they’re going to make me pay for a blood test, so I might as well make it really mean something, right?

    And I’m also the kind of gal who would google “negative peestick still pregnant.”

    Thus, I wait. I hope you find what will set your mind most at ease! And that if you do pee, two lines (or the equivalent) appear.

  5. I too understand your dilemma, Mrs X. I think the IF world can be divided into two camps – those who start POASing five days after transfer, and those who hold out for the beta.

    Whatever you decide to do, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get a positive!

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