One of my two bestest friends came to town this weekend to visit me and the Mr.  We had a great time, as usual. But, I must say that I am having feelings of envy and lust.  And I am so embarrassed.

In short, I WANT what she has:


The Apple iPhone 3G

We used the GPS feature when we got lost and she was able to check in for her flight on the full internet browser while we she was waiting in line to make a purchase.  To top it all, she was Twittering the whole time and had full interface with Google Reader. 

It doesn’t look like I will be getting one anytime in the near future since my cell phone is through the office and we use Blackberrys. And, I’m not nearly cool or important enough to justify having a work and personal cell phone.

So, I will just throw envious glances her way and sigh occasionally.

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