It’s All Ute to Me

First, thanks to everyone for your encouragement in my endeavour of writing my very own piece of Chicklit.  And, I very well may take up those of you who have offered to read it.  No one – and I mean no one – but yours truly has read it so far.  And, I’m still a little shy about having others reading what I wrote. You would think with a blog, I would have no such problems. But, fiction and blogging are two very different things. So, thanks for the cosmic heave ho.

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And, I’m sure you are all on the edges of your seats waiting for an update on the status of my lady parts.  I think about it so much, I just have to assume that everyone else does too. I finally got in touch with Nurse to a T regarding my second period in two weeks and had a very unhelpful converation full of, “what exactly is the problem” and “I don’t know what we can do for you” and, my favorite, “I’m not really familiar with charting.”  Talk about frustrating.

The final consensus was that my initial “period” was probably withdrawal bleeding from all of the hormones and this period is the real period.  From a charting perspective, I started a new chart and everything has been reset. The good news is that Big Red appears to be finishing up and, knock on wood, it will be boring from here on out.

I was somewhat disappointed in my conversation with Nurse to a T, though. Despite being an IF veteran, I’ve never had an FET before, so I had no idea what to expect. Well, I expected a normal period and then a normal cycle. But, I wasn’t ever told to expect otherwise, so that was frustrating.  This was another potential nail in the coffin of my relationship with his office. 

I am still weighing my options on that particular front.  I will hopefully get a chance to sit down and talk with my neighbor who originally sent me to Dr. Uterus to see if the other REs in the area are better/worse/same.  Although, there comes a time when you hit a point of diminishing returns – he has the skills, the bed side manner, etc., but they can be outweighed by the sheer weight of negative experiences and anxiety.  I’m taking my time to make a decision because this is a big decision and I have the time.  I am lucky in this respect.

That’s all the news that fits to print!

6 thoughts on “It’s All Ute to Me

  1. Hi. I don’t normally comment but I do read your blog often.

    However,that’s not why I’m commenting today! I don’t know how things work where you are but is there a chance that Dr. Uterus works from another office too? Our top-notch doctors here usually have at least two work places and it does seem a shame to go elsewhere for your care if its not the doctor giving you cause.

    Just a thought.

  2. I’ve been delaying big decisions recently until I feel I’ve calmed down physically and mentally from major disappointments or struggles. That said, I almost feel like you’ve already made your choice not to continue with Dr. Ute.

    Then again, like you said, you have time. And sometimes thinking of escape from a traumatic situation can be all the relief you need to keep going after a rest.

    Keep writing, Mrs. X! Even if you don’t like what comes out at first–and it sounds like you do–I have no doubts that you could produce something really entertaining (at the very least) with a little practice.

  3. The nurses at my clinic know cr@p-all about charting also. It makes me Very Cross. But mine a free National Health ones, so I cut them some slack. Yours need a quick smack.

    Hopefully insides all nice and normal now. Fingers crossed.

    And go write. I insist. I want to be able to tell people I knew you before you were famous.

  4. I would love to read your chick lit! I bet you’ve done a nice job with it.

    Good luck with the decision on what to do about Dr. Uterus’ office. I can’t believe how unhelpful the nurse was. Well, I can, because most of the nurses in clinics appear to be cut from the same cloth of reproductive cluelessness, but it shouldn’t be that way.

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