Blog Hangover

Wow, do I ever feel like crap today.

I had such a virtual kegger yesterday, what with everyone congratulating me on my Blogoversary (thanks!) and me soaking up the lovely comments about the blog.  I think it’s gone to my head. Literally.

I feel fever-y, and headachey with a wicked sore throat and low energy (although no fever).  I suspect it is my annual Attack of the Allergies.  It started coming on yesterday afternoon and this morning it was in full blown assault.

My general feeling of crapitude wasn’t helped by the fact that I had to go for my annual pap smear today.  Let’s just say that after going to his office, which he shares with an OB, seeing poster after poster about pregnancy and birth, answering questions about my second miscarriage, and seeing a lot of expecting ladies who look to have been around the 7.5 month mark where I would have been had I not miscarried, I was feeling, to quote Janis, “as faded as my jeans.” Apparently, I still have some mourning left to do for No. 2 and the two pregnancies that I never got to complete.

If G wasn’t so stinky – we so need to give him a bath! – I would crawl into bed, break the rules that he isn’t allowed on the bed, and snuggle with him.  I’ll just have to wait for Mr. X, who is slightly less stinky, to come home for my snuggle. Sniffle.

image: Quasimondo

2 thoughts on “Blog Hangover

  1. “Virtual kegger” — love the imagery!

    Yep, the ob-gyn’s office will do that to you, even without the allergies. 😦 Big (((hugs))) & best wishes for some comforting snuggles. : )

  2. Blech–a pap, a few more oh so pleasant reminders of loss, and a head cold/allergy attack! You’re taking some sucky pages from my recent playbook, Mrs. X!

    Ah, I say snuggle the stinkers, both canine and human, regardless of their state of unwash. You need all the warmth and kindness you can get.

    Sending freshly showered hugs your way!

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