A Little Late to the Party

I’ve been somewhat absent from the blogosphere these past few days – partly by choice and partly by circumstance.  I have to say that I’ve enjoyed the break, but I’ve also been a very bad girl about not commenting on other people’s blogs for which I must beg forgiveness.  I shall rouse my inner commenter shortly.

So, what has brought me out of my partial hibernation? None other than the Blog to Blog Love party, for which I am regrettably a tad late, but better late than never.  And, my participation has in no way been influenced by FarmWife saying that my writing is brilliant (your check is in the mail, my dear!).

I’ve not heard of this particular project before, but I think it is way cool, so I will give it a whirl.  Here is FarmWife’s wonderful explanation:

The deal is to visit 4 of your daily blog reads. From each blog choose another blog from their blog roll that you’ve never visited. Try that blog out and see what happens. They may become your new fave, who knows! Then duplicate the main part of this post with a note on whose blog you got it from. Name the four new blogs you are going to read, tell briefly why you chose them and whose blog roll they came from. And if you want, coerce others mercilessly into joining in!

So, here goes.

One Bloggy-Blog

I started with one of my favs Cliz Biz and clicked on The Clutter Museum.  Not only does she have categories such as “Whining Exhortation and Angst” and “I heart material culture” she managed to find a video that combined the Muppets (Beaker!) and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy from his Ninth Symphony, two of my favorite things.  If that is not perfection, I don’t know what is.

Two Bloggy-Blogs

Another blog that I adore with a capital A is the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.  Laurie, the proprietess, fosters kittens from the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society, which alone is amazing, gives them fabulous names (we are now on the Livermores) and then takes amazing pictures of them!  It’s a daily stop for me, especially when I’m feeling a little blue.  Kittens always make me smile, especially since they remind me of when ours were that small and utterly adorable.  She now has links to the blogs that have been set up by the people who adopted some of the kittens that she fostered and one my favs is Phyllis and the Aliens, about three IBKC graduates.  These three look like delicious amounts of trouble. There is even a recorded purr, people!

Three Bloggy-Blogs

Wilma, over at Death Bed Moment also serves a regular dose of hilarity (whether she means to or not) and could be my doppleganger – she too composes fabulous blog posts in that pre-sleep haze that are promptly forgotten upon waking and is having back and neck pain and waiting for her hair to grow.  Hmmm, maybe I’m not an only child after all.  Anyway, I clicked through her blog onto French School Confidential wherein I found yet another kindred spirit, as Anne used to say.   Commenters are Vanity Enablers and she is willing to admit a severe allergy to working with team members. 

Four Bloggy-Blogs

I also read Our Piece of It, which I found randomly and love how random it is.  I clicked through to another blog, Oh What Larks and saw only beautiful, beautiful images.  That is my kind of blog. It appeals to my inner art student who is still lurking, currently subsisting on mini-projects not, full blown artsy things. But, I’ll take beauty wherever I can find it.

So, there you have it. I’m not nearly motivated enough to let these people know what I have done, but some will find out anyway. I encourage anyone – regardless of whether I’ve listed your blog or not – to partake of this experiment. You never know what you’re going to find.

image: Osvaldo_Zoom

3 thoughts on “A Little Late to the Party

  1. Hello… nice to see that you found Oh What Larks. Now we found you too, inadvertently participating in the Blog to Blog Love project. Glad you liked our blog,

    Arwen & Kate @ O.W.L.

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  3. Thanx for the shout out! My visitor count almost doubled because of you.

    I may do this meme as well.

    P.S. All hilarity is intentional. Honest & for sure.

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