Mr. X and I have secured a ‘complimentary’ consultation on October 22 with another RE up the way from Dr. Uterus.  I filled out the release so he could obtain my records from Dr. Uterus ahead of our consultation.  But, I also decided that it was a good idea to fill out the dreaded 10-page patient questionnaire about our history.  This way, he has as much information as possible ahead of time, and I can test whether or not he actually reads what I send in, as not reading the information I provide that has been requested is in my top five peeves of all time.

It seems like I’ve had to fill out alot of these lately – a new one for the gyn I saw for my pap smear (which they didn’t bother to read – hence the surprise that I’ve now had 2 miscarriages), one for a rheumatologist who I saw for unrelated issues, and now this one.  Each time, I had to answer that question:

How many pregnancies have you had? Answer: 2

How many live births? Answer: 0.

So much joy and so much sadness translated into questions with numbers for answers.  And so many experiences broken down into charts, or yes, no, explain.  I found it so trivializing to have to quantify all that we have been through, even though I understand why it is necessary. Just once, though, can I give you a narrative instead of answering your imprecise questions, or having to read the question, “what are the names of your children?”

(For the record, my babies are named Jellybean and Phoenix.  But, I will never, ever write that on your questionnaire.)

One thought on “Redux

  1. It’s depressing to see it that way, like some kind of score card instead of the life-and-death, flesh-and-blood reality.

    I hate, hate filling out those forms.

    I’ll be eager to hear how the consult goes, though.

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