A Study in Contrasts

We had our consultation with the new RE this morning and the difference between his office and that of Dr. Uterus was like night and day.  We have entered the day.

Even before we showed up, I was impressed that I was able to take care of a lot of pre-appointment business via email.  No such option with Dr. Ute.  And, yesterday, the nurse from the new office called that they hadn’t received my records from Dr. Uterus’s office.  We wouldn’t have known unless she called, so I was able to intercept them from Dr. Uterus and deliver them to the new office so that the new RE would have time to review them prior to our appointment.

And so, at the appointed hour, Mr. X in his suit and I in my skirt and top walked into the über swanky waiting room of …

Dr. Salsa.

I’ll explain the name shortly.

The differences between his operation and that of Dr. Uterus cannot be overstated.  First, there were no obviously pregnant ladies, which was a definite plus. No pregnancy magazines or old copies of Parenting magazine.  They even had an Internet station in the waiting room. 

The staff were very friendly, and most importantly – all were there with one goal in mind: to get women knocked up and out the door (after 10 weeks) to a new OB. 

We were shown into Dr. Salsa’s office and the swankiness continued.  Lots of plasma TVs everywhere and artwork on the walls.  We perused his bookshelf and found a myriad of titles from “Atlas of Pelvic Surgery” to “The Kama Sutra” (seriously), and at least one title of Noam Chomsky.  I never saw the inside of Dr. Uterus’s office.  He always saw me in an exam room, so this was interesting.

I was very impressed when Dr. Salsa came in that one of his first questions was how we were doing emotionally – not, so when do you want to get knocked up?  We told him that we were on a break at the moment to recharge the emotional credit card.  He then delved right into our case and focused a lot on our losses. 

Enter the plasma screen TV: he has it hooked up to his laptop which he then used to present us with a Power Point presentation on the various causes of miscarriage.  We’ve ruled out some of them already: no uterine anomalies, no thyroid issues, no chromosomal issues with either me or Mr. X.  That left: FSH or anticoagulent disorders.  He recommended a Clomid challenge test and the blood tests to determine if I have Factor V Leiden or other clotting issues.

I never did a Clomid challenge (which always makes Mr. X think of the Pepsi Challenge) with Dr. Uterus. If I remember correctly, he was very certain that my Day 3 FSH would be normal and so there was no talk of it.  Dr. Salsa isn’t too concerned either, but thinks it would be a real waste of money not to do one and then go onto an IVF with less than ideal conditions.  I agree, but I’m kind of annoyed that Dr. Uterus never felt that it was necessary to do one. 

We also got a tour of the facility. They encourage the use of accupuncture, which I’m still neutral on, but it’s nice to know that they have it there.  Also, everything – from egg retrieval to embryo transfer to lab work is done there. One stop shopping!  I had to go to a different office for my IVF and FET with Dr. Uterus.

As for Dr. Salsa, his name is a result of the fact that he is from Latin America and has the most delicious accent.  It takes a certain person to be an RE – they have to have the confidence of a surgeon and the compassion of an oncologist.  Dr. Uterus had it, and so does Dr. Salsa.  He was knowledgeable and answered my questions about PGD very well.  He also said that Dr. Uterus’s Bad Luck Theory of our recurrent losses was a terrible theory.  He offered some more concrete possibilities which was nice.  It could still be bad luck, but he at least made an effort to give us a somewhat concrete explanation.

All in all, I was impressed as was Mr. X.  The visit did nothing however to quell my rising ambivalence about the whole process and wheteher I am ready to embark once more on the rollercoaster.

12 thoughts on “A Study in Contrasts

  1. I am thrilled that you’ve found Dr.Salsa. Now no matter what you decide, you’ve got someone you’re comfortable with & an office that won’t leave you depressed after each visit. That’s wonderful news!

    And who doesn’t need a Latin man in their lives?

    Mrs. X: thanks so much! Everyone needs a Latin man in their life. I think it’s written in the Constitution.

  2. Well, it’s nice to know that if/when you do decide to ride the rollercoaster again, you will be in capable hands. Sounds like you found a winner! at least in terms of how you will be treated, if not bringing home a baby.

    You are absolutely right – so much of the journey is being comfortable with the person who is your tour guide, not necessarily the destination!

  3. I’m so happy for you that your appointment with the new RE went so well. Regardless of how you feel about going forward (or getting back on) it must have been a weight off your shoulders to be certain there are better options out there.

    Dr. Salsa is a fabulous name.

    Mrs. X: I am particularly proud of Dr. Salsa as a nickname. My brilliance continues to amaze even me.

  4. Congrats on finding a new and wonderful office! Sometimes that’s all it takes to garner a new sense of optimism. I love how Dr. Salsa sounds pretty high tech and sensitive to your history…as much as the future. Here’s to new opportunities!

    Mrs. X: I’ll toast to that! I also agree that this kind of change is all that is necessary to make you feel like it is doable again.

  5. Wow, a leftist RE who reads the Kama Sutra? Shit. Get me out of podunk! I want Dr. Salsa!

    Even the best doc can’t give us our innocent enthusiasm back: Too much has come between us and ignorant bliss to get really riled up. Unless they have figured out how to extract naivete from cows or nuns’ pee or whatever and put it in a vial…

    Mrs. X: I found him first!

    I agree that we’re past the point of no return in terms of innocent enthusiasm, but I think that is actuallly a good thing. I don’t know that innocence can ever last forever, and so, like virginity, I’d much rather shed mine sooner rather than later. Call me a slutty pessimist.

  6. Sounds encouraging.

    Good luck with the emotional credit card. The interest rates are horrendous. Mine at least has miles.

    Mrs. X: my card company keeps sending me offers to raise my limit and I keep saying no, but one of these days, I’m going to have to give in.

  7. I’m with FarmWife on this one…regardless of your ultimate decision, or your timeline, every woman needs a Latin man around…

    I’m so glad to know that Dr. Salsa’s office was so great for you!

    As for the Dr. Uterus-no-Clomid-challenge – I’d be downright pissed off, and half tempted to let him know it…but that’s me.

    Lots of positive thoughts sent your way!

    Mrs. X: Another vote for having a Latin man in your life, one for every woman! It should have been Hillary’s platform. She would have won handily.

    As for Dr. Uterus, after having seen him for two years, I know exactly what he will say, the manner in which he will say it and the eye roll that will accompany it. And, I still haven’t heard back from him on my letter, so I don’t have much hope that this would get even a peep out of him.

    Thanks for the positive thoughts!

  8. Congrats on finding the new Doctor.

    I hope you get the testing done for factor V. *I’m* a little pissed that your old doc didn’t test for that.

    Mrs. X: In Dr. Ute’s defense, both of my miscarriages were chromosomal, so there was no hint of a clotting issue. But, I agree, it’s a blood test, order the darn thing!

  9. nice to have an option you’re comfortable with. sounds like a great doc. love the full service facility too.

    Mrs. X: I am very fortunate that I live in a big enough area that I have several options when it comes to REs and we can have a full service facility. That is going to be awesome.

  10. Dr. Salsa sounds perfect! (And oddly tasty …)

    Totally understand the ambivalence. I’m still struggling over the feeling that what already is just ain’t enough, but I’m still not sure what’s missing. Sometimes I think it’s a partner. Sometimes I think it’s a kid. Sometimes I think it’s both. Sometimes I think it’s just me.

    Still. Having a good RE as a fallback plan definitely does not hurt. And Dr. Salsa sounds like a keeper!

    Mrs. X: I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with ambivalence. I’m having a hard time not reading it as definitely not wanting as opposed to simply being ambivalent.

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