Something New

In my attempt to stave off another Existential Funk, I have started experimenting with New Things.  I’m sure this doesn’t sound that monumental, or frankly radical. But, for yours truly, it’s Big.  I thrive on the familiar, it brings me a great deal of comfort in an uncomfortable world. But, everyonce in a great while, I begin to chaffe at the confines and tentatively sneak a toe in the greater pool.

This go round of Something New involves food and commenting.  Stay with me.


I know how to cook and I am actually a good cook. But, I’m not a foodie. I eat to live, not live to eat. My parents, on the other hand, are the quintessential gastronomes.  Perhaps it is my one hold out from being a contrary teenager that I pride myself on using food as fuel, not an event for an entire evening (I think the time my mother spent about two minutes rapturously describing mustard ice cream I knew they had officially crossed into a new dimension). So, for me to experiment with cooking is quite unusual.  A few weekends ago, I roasted a chicken and made gravy from the drippings with shallots and chicken stock.  I made a new brown rice dish with shitake mushrooms and parmesan cheese. 

And tonight, I made shrimp with vegetables from my favorite Chinese cookbook, The Art of Chinese Cooking by the Benedictine Sisters of Peking from 1956.  If you ever happen across a copy of this gem, BUY IT.  Seriously, you won’t be disappointed from the hilarious 50’s style illustrations to the wonderful recipes. My mother’s mother had a copy, which I think she obtained in Japan and my mother made recipes from the book when I was a kid.  A few years ago, she found me my own copy and the recipes are my comfort food.

Anyway, the recipe was pretty good – it featured shrimp (duh), snow peas, celery, onion and water chestnuts on white rice with soy sauce. 


A few weeks ago, I came across another WordPress blog and the comments sections included comments from the blog owner underneath the original comments. There have been many times that I have read comments on my own blog and wanted to respond, but was just too darn lazy to start my own comment and scroll back and forth to respond to everyone.  So, I was intrigued that WordPress would actually let you edit a comment to add your own.  Of course, it took me about two days to figure it out. But, I did, and halle-freakin-lujah!  Many of you may have noticed that I have already started leaving responses to your comments. Like little presents under your pillows. I hope to keep up with it, so keep commenting.

I think that’s enough newnewss for one evening!

2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. I love the cookbook! Way to go Benedictine Sisters!

    I’ll definitely snatch up any copy I come across. I have a whole collection of cool, old cookbooks.

    Remind me to email you/post/somehow transmit this amazing advice on planning a picnic in this 1890s cookbook I have.

    I really like the comment-comments. It’s nice to see your reaction and thoughts.

    Mrs. X: Ha! I’d love to see the picnic advice as I am actually going to a picnic on Saturday. I’ll drop you an email and send you the link of my new favorite time waster website as hopefully a fair trade for such wonderful information.

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