Begin the Begin

It’s Day 1 of NaBloPoMo and, so far, not so good. I’m having a terrible time thinking of a topic to blog about now that I know I have to blog about something.  I wanted to be erudite, witty, and, dare I say, scintillating?

image: ozlady

I could tell you how despite being here by myself (for the second year in a row) for Halloween, I dressed up as Miss (fill in name of subdivision here) 2008 complete with a toilet paper sash, tiara and heels just to hand out candy. 

I could tell you that I tried watching our latest Netflix offering, Cypher, and I lasted about 20 minutes and had to turn it off because I was just disgusted that they made Jeremy Northam (Mr. Freaking Knightly!) so unbelievably unattractive. 

I could tell you that I took G to the picnic for the local area Golden Retriever rescue organization and he proceeded to hump at least two other dogs.  I’m thinking of changing his name to Humper.

I could tell you that I had a huge headache when I got home which was due in part to Big Red and the other part to being around 18 barking dogs. 

I could tell you that I was thrilled to have a normal cycle this month, complete with a 13 day luteal phase! Yay reproductive system!

Or, I could just write yawn.  Because I’m sure that’s what you’re doing right about now.

4 thoughts on “Begin the Begin

  1. You’re so funny. I think you told quite a bit on your first post. Looking forward to MORE daily stories this month!

    Mrs. X: I hope I can continue to entertain!

  2. I admire that you’re taking part in NaBloPoMo and I think that you’re off to a roaring start!

    Congrats on the 13 day luteal phase, I had one too this month! Yay for us!

    And no, I’m not yawning (but I did take a two and a half hour nap this afternoon!). 😉

    Mrs. X: Ya for 13 day luteal phases and naps!

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