If You Want to Bitch, Vote, Bitch, Vote!

There may be a raging debate at all times as to what is patriotic (paying taxes? burning flags?), but I think we can all agree that voting is about as fundamentally patriotic as it gets. So, hang your chad, pull your lever, punch your button, touch your screen – however your precinct does it. 


 Just Vote.

Otherwise, you have forfeited your right to bitch for the next four years. And I for one will call you on it.

Mr. X and I are fortunate to live in a state that has early voting. We voted on Oct. 25! 

I’ve voted in every election since I turned 18, but this was the first time that I felt a visceral thrill voting. I hope that you have the same sense of history, no matter who you vote for.  

7 thoughts on “If You Want to Bitch, Vote, Bitch, Vote!

  1. I voted today! Took me less than 10 minutes to drive in to the parking lot, vote and leave. DH went to the same location almost 2 hours earlier and waited in line for 45 minutes.

    Just luck of the draw on how the names are divided and who showed up I suppose.

    Mrs. X: isn’t that life?

  2. I voted last Wednesday. Now I reserve the right to gripe/complain/bitch/moan for the next 4 years. I’m with you. You don’t vote? SHUT UP!

    Mrs. X: how many people would actually not vote when they could? That’s what I want to know.

  3. Voted early, thanks to the Mail-In Ballot I can get in my county.

    And I’m with y’all on this one…unless you turned in your ballot, Shut It!

    However, if things don’t go my way, I may get a bit gripy, cranky, whiny and snotty at some point until said issue comes up on the ballot again… (insert sheepish grin here)

    Mrs. X: you have every right to get snotty since you voted. 🙂

  4. i wish i could vote in your election. american politics is just so much more glamorous than ours! 😉

    Mrs. X: thanks for the perspective – being in a campaign country for two years, I’ve kind of lost sight of the fact that this is quite an election.

  5. On the one hand, I keep thinking there HAS to be a better way to run your elections in the U.S. — six-hour lineups?? On the other hand, as a news columnist here pointed out, how many of us would feel committed enough to stand six hours in line to vote? We are pretty spoiled here — voting here is a pretty simple process, & yet the turnout for our most recent federal election last month was pretty dismal.

    Of course, our candidates for prime minister were nowhere near as interesting as yours for president…! Give us someone we can be proud & excited to vote for, & people might actually get interested in the process again.

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