A Banner Day

I have been woefully neglectful in mentioning G on this blog recently (other than to report in the context of other incidents that I walk him). He’s been giving me those puppy dog eyes a lot recently, probably begging me to let his peeps in the computer know that he’s still the Big Dog in the house and establishing his fiefdom over the neighborhood.

I had to write today, though, because G had himself a Great Day.  What made it great? Cat poo.  G has a terrible addiction to cat poo and we have cats with a terrible addiction of pooing outside of the litterbox.  Which means that they keep him in good supply of tasty morsels.  And, is G effective in ferreting out those little nuggets.  Whenever he starts running in the house, nose to the ground, I know to follow him to try to at least get some out of his way.

Today, though, has to be the most poorific day ever.  Cat poo in the laundry room and in Mr. X’s office (I told him that he shouldn’t keep that paper on the floor, the cats lurve to poo there).  And, there was even poo outside.  Our kitties aren’t allowed outside, but other cats are and one has apparently decided to start using a corner of our yard as its personal litterbox.

G was in heaven and I was fighting my gag reflex.

9 thoughts on “A Banner Day

  1. Oh thanks. I needed my gag reflex located, and you found it.

    Can we talk about how dogs also need to douse themselves with the lingering fragrance of eau de poo at every opportunity? Because while my cats are good at hitting the litter box (or at least the cabinet the where the box is located – one of the top ten things we did right when building our house), the deer, rabbits, and other outside animals are not so considerate.

    Mrs. X: I suggest you convene a conference with all of the furry woodland creatures and explain the necessity of using designated locations for pooing.

  2. Hey, G is welcome to explore the poop-tastic world that is our garage, thanks to one particularly effete feline who always, always thinks outside the box, and to my negligent hubby, who has the job of clean-up and is less than fanatical. Talk about gag reflex.

    Despite the really gross description, I think I heart G just a little more…

    Mrs. X: G would LOVE your garage and he would find every last turd.

  3. Aaaaarggghhh, ralph. I had a dog once who did the same thing. Grossed me out each and every time.

    Mrs. X: I know that scientists have been able to genetically engineer dogs for a variety of purposes. Can they engineer one who doesn’t like to eat cat poo?

  4. G and my dog, Matthew, must be from the same litter…..
    Nasty. It never ceases to disgust me. We call Matthew the “turd-burglar.”

    Mrs. X: ‘turd-burglar’ is awesome. G is known as ‘poopeater’.

  5. GAAAAAHHHH!!!! We had a dog that did that…she was freaky that way…of course, she dug it out of the litter box, which made it that much worse…

    And, we actually had to pass our kitty on to someone that didn’t mind his habit of non-litterbox use…he ruined three rooms of carpet in my house by using it rather than his box…he is quite happy in his new house, because they solved the problem by getting not one, not two, but 6 boxes for him!

    And G is a great dog…a good hunter…someday he might bring you a good present with that there nose! 😀

    Mrs. X: We are very lucky that our kitties have not developed that habit. And yes, G is a great dog, but his idea of a present and mine do not match.

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