Step Away from Dr. Google. That’s an Order!

Dr. Google and I go way back.  He’s seen me through some pretty tough times – when I found out my tubes were blocked, when I wondered if it was normal for G to hump other Golden – and whenever I have a question that is either too pressing or too embarrassing to ask a real human being (or both), I turn to him. 

01135546100When I got my Day 4 FSH and estradiol results today, I of course plugged them in.  Big mistake.

First, I should say that my FSH was 7.1 and my estradiol was 81. The FSH is fine, it’s the estradiol that started me on a panic.  I unwisely clicked on … actual studies involving Day 3 estradiol levels that are over 75.  There were dark discussions of low egg yield for retrieval and no pregnancies.  Not what I needed to read. Mind you, one study is 12 years old.

And, never mind that in my one IVF, I had 12 eggs retrieved, 9 of which fertilized and developed.  Oh, no. All I could focus on was that damn number.  By 3pm, I was in quite a lather.

I turned to Dr. Silber’s book for some well-written guidance on whether or not I should truly freak out.  He didn’t disappoint – not only should I not worry, but I should be more focused on having an antral follicle scan!  I then consoled myself remebering that when I went in for my Day 4 ultrasound, there were lots of little pearls on the girls, so chances are I have a pretty good reserve.

But, I still cannot shake what I read in those damn articles.  I will definitely bring those up with Dr. Salsa when I meet with him in two weeks (!) and will content myself with the knowledge that if it was truly awful, they would have called me before I went in. 

So I am faced with a choice: I can either obsess and panic over this for a long time, likely without reason, or I can let it go and enjoy the fact that I have some beautiful little follies thanks to Clomid and Mr. X and I are taking every opportunity to bombard those beauties with lots of troops. 

Which do you think I’ll choose?

11 thoughts on “Step Away from Dr. Google. That’s an Order!

  1. try not to choose the panic option, although it’s inevitable that you’re going to feel anxious. your choice of “distraction” is very, very good — i know that form of recreation is a really good way to focus my attentions on thing non-IF related!

    p.s. dr. google is very dangerous. i self-diagnosed myself with way too many ailments!

    Mrs. X: I’m pretty certain I have had every major disease. Dr. Google told me so!

  2. I should never Google again as well. My last Day 3 test in August was 7.1 FSH, and 34 estradiol (pretty consistent over the last 18 months, I had a low of 6.8, and a high of 7.5). Not bad for a 40 year old. Totally irrelevant data if I have mucho eggs and they all suck. There is no test for quality, which is why I’ve totally abandoned them.

    In your situation, I would say.. screw the actual numbers. Even an antral count can be misleading if the u/s machine is bad, or the person looking at the screen had too much caffeine.

    If you have measurable follies after Day 4, that’s what’s important. Each one could have the golden egg. But you already know that. lol.

    Mrs. X: We are all in search of the golden egg, aren’t we? Thanks for the perspective.

  3. Damn that Dr. Google. He’s ruined many a day, and been proven wrong so often…

    I say there are too few quality studies on the issue to make a clear determination. Perhaps you respond bizarrely to Clomid. With your good response in the past, I can’t imagine these numbers tell you much. Dr. Salsa should have the final say on whether this is an issue or no. Can you meet with him any sooner?

    Perhaps you need to panic for a moment, though. I had to panic about a lot of the ectopic-related doom and gloom, but then I had to get myself to stop (kind of like stopping a semi-truck, but still possible). Let it wash over you, then go find something very, very distracting to do.

    Mrs. X: I agree that there are times when panic is something you just have to go through. I just have to learn how to let it go. And, just to make that process start a little sooner, I emailed Dr. Salsa. That alone made me feel better.

  4. Onward [insert denomination[atheist} soldiers!!

    Dr. Google has scared the absolute shit out of me more times than I can count – take him with a grain of salt, and combined with the advice of a real-live doctor.

    Good luck!
    Mrs. X: much better advice than ever provided by Dr. Google. Thanks.

  5. Dr. Google is okay sometimes… other times… not so much. I’d probably chose the panic option… at least initially. But I’m a worrier.

    I think you should chose the BOMBARD option.
    Get to it 😉

    Mrs. X: a strong vote for bombardment!

  6. I think it’s important to remember that just because high CD3 E2 CAN mask FSH doesn’t mean it HAS to. KWIM?

    Mrs. X: I know exactly what you mean.

  7. AARRGGHH!!! Put. Down. The. Dr. Google.

    Don’t do it–it’ll just make your crazy!

    One of my great joys in finally being at this point in my treatment is that I just turn it all over to the doctors to figure out.

    (Then again, not PG yet, so maybe my approach isn’t so smart. Hmmm…)

    Mrs. X: I think it is a real zen plane to give up the Dr. Google once and for all. Good for you.

  8. You have nothing to gain by worrying – you will do well, that’s all there is to it! If Dr. Salsa isn’t worried, you shouldn’t be either. 🙂

    Mrs. X: that is exactly what I need to hear! Thanks.

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