I Got Nothin’.

Oh, people. If I wasn’t doing NaBloPoMo, you wouldn’t be hearing from me today.  I’ve been enjoying a decidedly unplugged weekend which is not compatible with my quest to do 30 in 30.  But, like Richard Nixon, I am not a quitter (insert shaking jowls here), so here is my daily post.  But, I’m not promising much. Indeed, all I have for you today is a run down of my day.

7 am – wake up, take temperature for charting, pee. Go back to bed. Make mental note that there is a cat at the foot of my side of the bed. Congratulate self on being able to get comfortable despite this.

8:15am – wake up again, let the dog out. Check on the dog next door since it was chilly last night and I can’t see any discernable shelter for the little guy. He was there, tail wagging and barking. Mentally curse next-door neighbors for getting dog and then leaving him the backyard all. freaking. day.

8:20am – feed cats and dog.  Note that cats are fed first.  They are mouthy things when it’s meal time.

8:25am – 9:45am – surf web. Take WordPress poll on new proposed icons.  Read Washington Post magazine online.  Make it only 3/4 of the way through article about The Onion.  Remember that I need to feed neighbor’s cat later on. 

10 am – take shower. Listen to Whad’Ya Know with Michael Feldman on NPR, including disgusting depiction of cooking crickets.  See G moping, wondering if I will ever take him for a walk. Try to assure G that he will in fact get out this morning. 

10:30am – harness up G and get into the car.  Head to PetCo.  Listen to more Whad’Ya Know, this time it’s the quiz.

10:45am – enter PetCo, being dragged into same by large Golden Retriever hell bent on sniffing every. freaking. thing. in the store.  Look at dog beds and be accosted by staff who wants to pet G.  Deal with questions such as “what do you feed him?” and “do you give him Greenies for his teeth?”.  Fight urge to feel like bad dog mom as a result of such probing questions.

10:50am – check out with purchases and congratulate self on managing to shop with G without G managing to snag any low lying snacks.

11am – arrive home.  Wow husband with purchases – new dog bed! new dog toy! Get G to snuggle into dog bed and let out collective, “awwwww” at how adorable he looks.

11:30am – let G out in the back with new squeaky toy. Mentally encourage him to pee.

11:45am – head out with Mr. X for lunch to shopping center with Restoration Hardware since coupon arrived in the mail for 20% off total purchase. Convince Mr. X that trip is necessary as they have great towels and we need new towels.

12pm – miss exit for shopping center as a result of being on auto pilot. 

12:05pm – turn around on highway and head in correct direction. Take exit and realize that left turn into shopping center not allowed. Silently curse traffic engineers.

12:07pm – discuss with Mr. X where to eat.  Decide on restaurant we’ve never been to before.  Search for parking space.

12:15 pm – 1pm – have delightful lunch of paella. Eavesdrop on conversations in front of and behind us.

1:05pm – head to Restoration Hardware. Be accosted by no less than three different sales people asking if we’re finding everything ok.  Um, yeah. Have serious discussion with Mr. X about color of towels and how many to get.  Peruse stocking stuffers.

1:15pm – check out. Saved $29!  Head home.

1:30pm – arrive home.  Surf web. Call salon to see about getting eye brow wax later in afternoon, bonus if it’s with the lady I like.  Get appointment for 2:30pm, and – bonus! – get appointment at 4:30 pm for hair cut with stylist who is never available.

1:30 – 2:15pm – surf web.

2:15pm – head to salon. Get eyebrows waxed and have interesting discussion with lady about recession’s effect.

2:45pm – check out and head to quilting store to find five coordinating fat quarters for new product.  Bonus – fat quarters are 50% off!  Unfortunately, pickings are slim. But manage to find five that work really well together.  Peruse publications and find awesome book.  Find fusible fleece for more placemats. Wait behind lady with what seems like 5 million bolts to be cut. Head to different table and get 1 yard cut.  Find out at check out that book was 25% off.   Save $17!

3:30pm – head home. Surf web. Read inflammatory blog posts about whether Obama is actually US citizen. Shake head. Seethe. Repeat. Decide that no amount of evidence will placate those who think he is not U.S. citizen.  Ponder whether to comment on same.

4:15pm  – head to salon (again).  Appointment for 4:30pm, wait for 20 minutes until stylist done. 

4:50pm – get hair shampooed and discuss plan for hair (trim, still growing out).  Engage in mindless chit-chat while watching hair getting chopped.

5:40pm – check out. Head home, but stop at neighbor’s house to feed kitty.  Get repeatedly head-butted by kitty who is growling for dinner. 

6pm – arrive home.  Harness up G for walk.  Head out for walk.

6:30pm – arrive back with G. Get towels purchased earlier and start load of laundry.

6:35pm – put Bad One in the laundry room because he is driving me nuts with his whining for dinner.  Watch mindless television.

7pm – feed beasts.  Warm up rice and mushrooms. Pour large glass of nice red wine.  Eat dinner. Let out kitties.

8pm – watch Ricky Gervais special on HBO. Blog.

I’m so exciting, it hurts.

8 thoughts on “I Got Nothin’.

  1. The idea of sleeping in is VERY exciting to me.

    I made it all the way to cooking crickets and then the idea of it made me run to the bathroom and puke LOL.

    Are you uploading anything to the BBWG this week?

    Mrs. X: yes, I will upload Chapter 2. I know everyone wants to know what happens next!

  2. You know, is it me or are the employees at Petoo annoying everywhere? I think I just don’t like people that are too helpful.

    Oh, and I had a glass of wine at dinner last night that I just fell in love with. Only problem was by the third glass I forgot the name. Damn, it was good too.

    Mrs. X: you have an obligation to share this find with the world! Find out what that wine was!

  3. I love this post. It’s amazing how much of one’s day can get wrapped up in waiting for the dog to pee and wishing that he wouldn’t sniff each and every leaf on the sidewalk.

    Mrs. X: if he peed half the time that I wished he would, he wouldn’t stop peeing.

  4. I did a “day in the life” scrapbook layout once. It’s amazing all the stuff we fit into our day, when you start to write it all down…!

    Mrs. X: it really is! I couldn’t believe how long it took me to catalog it all.

  5. I’m firmly convinced that our local Petco never has more than employee in the store. I always have to wait for someone to come to the front so I can check out, and forget about asking for help locating anything.

    PetSmart however has much better customer service (ie: there are actually multiple employees in the store who are delighted to help but without being too nosy).

    Mrs. X: I’ve had pretty good luck with Petco, except this one time. She was super nosy!

  6. I betcha if you took in the dog next door, they wouldn’t even miss it.

    Mrs. X: they would probably thank me. It’s just driving me crazy that he’s out there all day and they don’t do anything.

  7. My Cujo-kitty headbutts me when he’s hungry too. Heck, he’s so spoiled he sometimes headbutts me when he’s only not-full to see if he can get a little extra out of me. Ah, kitty luv!

    Mrs. X: kitty headbutting is the cutest thing ever in my book. Ours do it very rarely so when I do get headbutted, I am in heaven.

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