A Welcome Change

Last November, on a weekend not unlike this one, my best friend called me after I hadn’t heard from her for a while.  We made chit-chat and then, she told me.  She was pregnant, almost 10 weeks.  That was a hard conversation.  I did my best to sound excited for her and I asked all of the right questions.  I didn’t immediately try to get off the phone to go and sob in private.  I knew that I had to do the right thing.

This November, she hadn’t called me for a while. Again.  I had sent her an email and left her a voice mail, but there was nothing.  I couldn’t help but remember back to last November when her radio silence was likely due to her avoiding telling me that she was pregnant.  I didn’t think that they were in the market to have another child this early, but things happen.  There was definitely a chance that my November surprise was repeating itself. 

So, when the phone rang this afternoon and I saw her number on the caller ID, my heart sank just a little in anticipation of what news might be on the other end.  I’ve gotten used to this kind of feeling whenever an old friend in my age group calls from out of the blue.  But, I’m tired of losing friendships, so I answer the phone anyway and wait for the news.  More often than not, it doesn’t come and I congratulate myself on taking the chance. 

Congratulations are in order again  … for me.  It was just a nice catch-up call and we made plans to meet up over Thanksgiving.  And, I’m proud of myself for taking the chance, taking the phone call no matter what the news might have been. 

I’m looking forward to seeing her and meeting the baby.

5 thoughts on “A Welcome Change

  1. Sometimes, being kind really takes work. But often it has its rewards. I’m so glad that call was a connection, not another moment that reinforced your isolation.

    Mrs. X: I am, too. Particularly with this friend.

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