Your Cheatin’ Heart

Mr. X and I talked about cheating today.  In fact, he accused me of cheating. And, he told me that he had cheated himself.

I have to admit, that I have cheated.


What kind of cheater am I?

I am a Restaurant Cheater, which is probably not as serious as a Netflix Cheater, but not by much.  As a Restaurant Cheater, I go to restaurants that Mr. X wanted to try, but … without him.  I have done this several times.  I can’t help myself.  I make dates to have lunch with girlfriends who suggest new restaurants and who am I to say no? How can I turn them down with the statement that Mr. X has laid claim to that restaurant? 

Today, it has all come to a head.  I called him after lunch and he told me that he had visited a restaurant that I had been wanting to try.  He has cheated on me.  And, he told me that he enjoyed cheating on me. He wanted me to know how it felt. He was proud of himself.   

Now, I know how it feels.  But, I am unrepentant.  I will continue to cheat.   

image: Roadsidepictures

7 thoughts on “Your Cheatin’ Heart

  1. Oh, that’s too funny!

    I always get that guilty feeling when I go somewhere my husband has already mentioned we should do together. I never really thought of it as “cheating,” but I think you are right!

    Mrs. X: I didn’t think of it as cheating until I was told that I was a cheater. By the man who cheated on me.

  2. 🙂 You are not alone. I, too, have been a restaurant cheater! But my husband takes the cake as the resident Netflix cheater in the house…how can he watch movies without me?!

    Mrs. X: Netflix cheating is just unforgiveable!

  3. One benefit of a husband who doesn’t like to go out to eat – I’ll never be accused of cheating on him by going to a restaurant he wanted to try without him.

    (This benefit is lessened by the amount of cooking I have to do…I used to like to cook, now it’s just another annoyance.)

    Mrs. X: cooking every night would really irk me. I’ll take a husband who cheats on me in exchange for getting out everyonce in a while.

  4. Cheat away, Mrs. X. I too am a cheater, a blatant, rub it in your face, “heavens, the basa fish was so good, how can you go on living…Oh you can’t, you weren’t there” kind of person. Unrepentent too.

    Mrs. X: ah, my fellow cheater. Shall we cheat on our husbands together some day?

  5. My husband is a total movie cheater – and then he has the nerve to act surprised when I tell him I wanted to see that movie too!

    Mrs. X: the least he can do is admit it!

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