Mission Accomplished

Since I have zero connections that would allow me to land a plane on top of an aircraft carrier with the banner ‘Mission Accomplished’, I’ll just have to settle for this here blog title.  I have officially completed NaBloPoMo! 

nablo1108_accomplishment_120x240Although, I don’t know who I am more proud of: me for doing it, or you for reading it.  I’ll call it draw and buy you a round, if you buy the next one.

It was fun, but there were some nights when the last thing I wanted to do was be erudite, eloquent and actually type something. But, push through I did, and now I can proudly display the little I did it button.  Hopefully, this experience won’t burn me out on posting, like doing IComLeavMo did on commenting (yes, ladies, I’m still having difficulty commenting after that kegger). 

I think I’ve earned a lovely margarita.  I think I shall go hunt one up!

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