Arsenic and Old Mrs. X*

I’ve been seeing on a few blogs this notion of having a list of things to do with the same number of items as the person’s age.  So, the older you are, the more shit you have to do (isn’t that always the way?). 

hugovkIn an embarrassingly short amount of time (ok, February 2, but it’s less than 2 months away!), I will turn 33.  I know to many of you this still qualifies me as a baby (or worse), but take a moment to reflect back when you were in your thirties and the odometer kept creeping up.  I would bet some of the very scarce cash in the economy that you felt just a little freaked out.  If you didn’t, well, good for you. Go have a martini and leave me to my momentary ramblings.

So, back to the project thingy.  I would presumably have to do 33 things during the year that I am 33.  I’ve given some thought as to what exactly would populate this list. I know that I want the items to be attainable – so world peace is out – and quantifiable – so not worrying as much is out.  I also want them to be doable – so becoming a doctor or an astrophysicist is really out. 

But, can I really think of 33 things that meet this criteria and are meaningful?  Maybe thinking of 32 things should be my first item.  For those of you are doing it, don’t be surprised if I lurk on over to your blogs to see what your answers are. 

One item that I know will not be on the list: getting and staying pregnant.  This is not because I think this is unattainable or impossible.  It’s just that I don’t want to set myself up for failure if it doesn’t happen or put (even more) pressure on myself to have it work out.  And, I want to focus on more non-IF activities, in the event next year is as barren as this year.

Keep an eye on the pages at the top of the site to see if I decide to take the plunge. 

(* I should explain the title.  Wikipedia has thoughtfully informed me that 33 is the atomic number of Arsenic.  I find this strangely hilarious.  Further link-clicking reveals that I am currently in the year of Germanium. Good times.)  

image: hugovk

9 thoughts on “Arsenic and Old Mrs. X*

  1. 33? Why you’re but a mere pup! Oh, to be young again! 😉 I wish I’d been as wise as you when I was your age.

    Doesn’t it seem like we have a fascination with lists and numbers? It’s as if we don’t feel productive unless we make a long list of To Do’s, of which we spend hours and hours working hard just to cross something off. Christmas lists. Grocery lists. New Year’s resolutions. And this time last year there was that 1001 things in 1001 days thing going around too.

    I’m a proficient goal maker (not necessarily goal-reacher) and in all my years of listmaking the one thing I’ve learned is this: Lists are highly overrated guilt-inducing torture devices.

    But if you’re going to do a list, I definitely agree in making it full of things that you’ve always wanted to try or accomplish and that are fun. If you do, then you’ll have more fun accomplishing your goals and it won’t seem like a chore. Who needs more chores, right?

    Mrs. X: you are right about the fascination with lists and numbers. I am a list person through and through, because I am totally addicted to the feeling of accomplishment as I cross an item off the list. That and if I didn’t write it all down, I would forget.

  2. Maybe you could plant geraniums as one of your items.

    I wish you luck with your list. I am pretty freaked out by the commitment that would be 31 things for me. I also know that I can always come up with a litany of things that I think other people should do, that I probably wouldn’t commit myself to.

    Oh, do you know how to knit, crochet, needlepoint? One of those might be kind of a fun, new goal. (see, there I go again, handing out goals for other people.)

    Mrs. X: I, too, try to find goals for other people. Mr. X is usually the main recipient, as in, “Hon, you should make a goal to clean the garage!”

  3. Can I freak out with you? For me, it’s not that I’m getting older, per se, as I like who I am better as I get older and wiser, it’s what it means for my fertility chances that upsets me.

    Mrs. X: yeah, watching the days and months fly by and you don’t grow a beach ball and knowing that the eggs aren’t getting any younger. That’s tough.

  4. Holy cow! You are the first person I swear I ever have known that shares my birthday! You are a Groundhog baby like me!

    I knew there was something strange we have in common, lol. Well, except I am 8 years older. ugh.

    Mrs. X: Groundhog babies rock! Although, I do get tired of the questions about whether I’ve seen my shadow. Um, yeah. I can’t believe you’ve never met someone else with our birthday. But, I’m glad I’m the first one!

  5. Ah, Feb 2nd is possibly my mother’s birthday. It’s technically Feb 1st, but my grandfather disagreed with the doctor & says it was after midnight. I do have a cousin that shares your birthday, but he’s a yongling. He’ll only be 32 that day.

    I fear I may spend all next year singing, “I’m 33 for a moment.”

    I agree that #1 on your list should be thinking of 33 things to do. That’s a lot of things!!

    Mrs. X: 32, what a young’n. Yay for Groundhog’s babies!

  6. Lurk on, soon-to-be birthday girl! My list was very difficult to make. Some stuff seems trivial, but it bugged me enough to get it done that I put it on the list (i.e. returning file to old firm… it’s been in my possession for SIX YEARS now!) There is a link to my list on the right side of the blog called “The List of Thirty-Eight” if you want to look at it. I’m curious, however, who else is doing the list??? I’ve only seen one (How to get from 0 to pregnant…) – I’d love to read the others if you have a running list.


    Mrs. X: I totally stole one item (but gave you credit!). There are a lot of things that bug me – it would take a list of 60 to get them all.

  7. I love it, we share Feb. birthday and a huge to do list. Perhaps we should average our ages and then split the list in two??

    Mrs. X: February birthdays are the most awesome. I like the list splitting idea. I can do 13 items!

  8. Ooh, I will begin my Year of Krypton tomorrow. Now I feel so much better about my birthday. Thanks for the linky!

    I actually made a list of 35 things to do while I was 35, and I am proud to say that I accomplished a good number of them. I was going through a difficult time last year around my birthday (I broke off my engagement two days later) and it helped me through that bout of crazy.

    Mrs. X: oooh, the Year of Krypton! You should totally do the theme all year long. I would get arrested if I did the Year of Arsenic. I’ll just wait until I hit Krypton.

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