Quality, Not Quantity

Everyday Everyonce in a while, I peruse back through some of my previous posts.  I like to read what I wrote at various points, both to see how much has changed, and how much hasn’t.  I also like to read because, frankly, I really enjoy reading what I wrote. It gives me warm fuzzies, like reading a great recommendation from a former employer or a card from Mr. X when were first courting.  What can I say? When it comes to my writing, I am at my most vain. 

free-parking-9I was reading some of the posts from last month when I did NaBloPoMo, though and I did not get my usual fuzzies.  I checked to make sure that my fuzzy-meter was still calibrated and it was (damn! that was a good post). So, the lack of fuzzies must have been directly related to the writing.  Case in point: 90% of the posts did nothing for me.  (Ugh, did I really write that Clomid made my teeth hurt? Oof.)  I pondered this fuzzy deficit and realized that for me, the act of having to write something everyday inevitably lead to less than the high quality product that I like to put out. (Oh, Lord, I just saw that I wrote “I like to put out.”  Insert juvenile snickering here). 

Sure, I can do 30 posts in 30 days.  But, did I honestly add something to the general discourse? Not really. 

You’re probably thinking, well, duh. 

I see now with perfect clarity that there was no way I was going to be able to produce brilliance night after night.  But, bless my overachieving little heart, I really thought I could.  I think I’ll leave it to the professionals next time.

I can say that I’m exceedingly glad to be free of the tyranny of daily posting.  I can let posts develop, simmer and go through multiple revisions before they really say what I want them to say.  And, if they still suck, well then, I’ll just let them sit and think about their transgressions in my drafts folder.

I’ve learned the valuable lesson that just because I can post, doesn’t mean that I should, at least not every day.

4 thoughts on “Quality, Not Quantity

  1. I’m always impressed with the people that can post every day. I can’t do it, and I do care about my writing and thoughts enough to hold off until I have something to say. (I always like to re-read my blog right after I post it, just for the warm and fuzzy.)

    But remember this: “clomid makes my teeth hurt” might not do anything for you now, but it might have done a lot for someone else at the time. 🙂

    Mrs. X: good point, as always. And, I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets warm fuzzies reading their own stuff.

  2. i loved reading your posts during NaBloPoMo! i admire that you posted every day — i can’t deal with deadlines in my bloggosphere life, so i don’t think it’s something i could ever do!

    and if my teeth hurt on my next course of clomid, i’ll know that it isn’t too out of the ordinary! 😉

    Mrs. X: thanks so much. Glad I could provide some insight on Clomid.

  3. Although I had trouble keeping up with you, overall I enjoyed your posts. That said, I’ve never participated in any such exercises as I know I just don’t have the ump-ah in me.

    Mrs. X: thanks!

  4. Nothing kills the muse faster than obligation, for me at least. I have to make myself forget that I have to write something if I don’t want it to absolutely suck.

    So I hear where you’re coming from.

    Mrs. X: it is difficult to fight the notion that you should post when you don’t want to. I’m still working on that one.

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