Just For You….

So, earlier this week I bragged told you about the fabulous deal I got on some very fabulous shoes.  There were numerous requests for pictures, so that you, too could share in the orgy glory  of the bounty.  I cannot leave such requests unanswered.  I would be breaking the number one creed of blogging: the reader is always right. So, without further ado, here, my friends, are the Shoes:

First up, the Coach pair in all of their peep-toe heavenly goodness:


They make me want to paint my toes fire engine red. 

And, second, but certainly not second best, behold the Prada shoes of unbelieveable gorgeousness:


Both pairs have graced my footsies this week, and if I do say so myself, looked mah-velous. 

Can you tell that I love shoes?

6 thoughts on “Just For You….

  1. i am officially jealous.

    are they as comfortable as they are beautiful?

    Mrs. X: the Pradas yes, the Coach – not so much. But, pain for fashion!

  2. I love, love, love the shoes. If I didn’t think you were already the fabulous Ms. X, I would hate you for finding the kinds of deals I can never find. I do love a shoe.

    Your comment cracked me up. I’m hoping the little suckers have the presence of double DD bras and batteries! 2AA is so, well, prepubescent!

    Hope all it well with you!

    Mrs. X: yea, I would totally hate me, too!

  3. OMG I love those shoes! Particularly the Prada. If I were you, I’d be wearing them around the house like bedroom slippers just because.

    Mrs. X: that is an excellent idea. Maybe when it warms up a little.

  4. I’m not a shoes kinda girl but I LOVE these!

    You must have small,delicate feet to be able to wear these they would just look plain wrong on my boats!!!

    Congrats on the bargains/yummy shoes!

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