Adieu, Old Friend

Dear 2008:

happy-new-year-old-man-time-and-chiI have to admit, I had high hopes for you. 

You were supposed to be the Year of the Baby.  You were supposed to be the Year that was Better than the Year Before.  You were supposed to be the Year I Became a Mother.  If you refer to the memo that I sent you on December 31, 2007, you will see this most clearly. 

What? You didn’t get that memo? You only got the memo I sent on January 1, 2008?

Oh. I see. Yes, I did pronounce you the Year of No Expectations.  Maybe that wasn’t the best plan after all since you apparently read it as the Year of Not Expecting. 

Don’t take my frustration out on you? Well, why ever not? You’re a big fat target, 365 days of potential now in the rear view mirror. 

Re-read my memo? I don’t see what good that would do.  Yes, I agree that I am a fabulous writer and this memo was particularly insightful, but I’m not in the mood for self-reflection. I’m in the mood for some 2008-bashing.

Anger is not a productive emotion? Since when did you become insightful? It seemed like you were paddling me from one end of the calendar to the other and now you try to get philosophical on me? I don’t think so! I’m out for revenge. You cheated me and toyed with me. You gave me hope and you snatched it away.  Someone has to pay for that!

Why blame you? Well, why wouldn’t I blame you? All of this happened on your watch. And, don’t try to remind me that I had some wonderful times this year. I know that bait and switch trick! So what if I got to go to Paris and we were so fortunate to become parents to G? Who cares if we found a new doctor and celebrated our fifth anniversary? Who cares if I made my first quilt and it turned out beautifully? The bad outweighs the good!

What do you mean life is about the good and the bad? Honestly, I’m getting a little tired of you being the sage in this relationship. Time may heal all wounds and produce untold wisdom, but you don’t have to rub my face in it.  Thank goodness there are a little more than 24 hours left in you.

You don’t want to part on that sour note? Hmpf. I suppose I can appreciate that. How about we leave it at this:

While I was not able to get my biggest wish this year, 2008, I grew, learned, loved, laughed, lived, did the best with what I was given and in spite of it all could say that for the most part, I was content.



Mrs. X

ps – please tell 2009 to stop peeking in the windows. It’s not time yet and it’s kind of creepy.

7 thoughts on “Adieu, Old Friend

  1. you tell 2008 how dumb it was!

    you’re awesome mrs. x. i hope that 2009 is A LOT more generous with the both of us.

    happy new year to you!

  2. Don’t worry, Mrs. X. I’m holding 2008 by the arms so you can punch it in the solar plexus.

    Just to teach those years a little lesson on how not to treat ladies.

    Seriously, though, thanks for a year of thoughts and virtual friendship! Your words and i-presence has made my terrible 2008 far easier to endure.

  3. 2007 was a year of profound darkness for me. And so, even though 2008 was a bit of a disappointment, it was still a substantial improvement. If 2009 is an equal increment better then I’ll find that acceptable (albeit not quite fulfilling). 2010 though, I’ve got big expectations for that year. And Father Time (or Mother Nature) better come through or else we’re gonna have some Words.

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