Canary in My Coal Mine

Ah, the things we do for the chance to gestate another human.

This morning, for the third morning in a row, I pulled out various items from the fridge to prepare for myself a nice little breaking of the fast.  There was some bread for toast, orange juice (no pulp, thank-you-very-much-parental-units-who-insisted-on-purchasing-medium-pulp-variety-over-Christmas-which-I-just-finished-yesterday!), quasi-butter spread, fruit salad, and liquid of iron. 

Yes, you read that last item right.  You see, upon the advice of my acupuncturist, I am now downing a capful of the most vile drink every morning with the cheerful name of Flor.adix. It’s supposed to increase my lining, which I’ve never heard that I have a problem with, but what’s the harm in trying it on for size?

From the Dickensian looking bottle to the admonition to refrigerate it upon opening lest it start to ferment (!), I have to say that I was a wee bit leery of getting involved with something like this as my first foray into the world of herbal medicine.  And, it’s taste has not helped matters. It has quickly become more vile to me than coffee, Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Creme and a banana milkshake thrown together.  It continues to taunt my gag reflex, although, by day two I learned that it was made considerably less objectionable with a quick chaser of orange juice. 

But, there is at least one bright spot, one thing that keeps me constantly amused. 

This pièce de résistance? 


It turns my pee bright, canary yellow.  It’s so cheerful, like having a smiley face looking back at you every time.  I don’t think my pee has ever been so happy.

image: Marianne Perdomo

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10 thoughts on “Canary in My Coal Mine

  1. yum, liquid of iron….

    i’m glad that your bright yellow pee is amusing you! let me know if it works, really at this point i’m ready to try anything!

  2. One little secret about this dreaded substance is that it also comes in pill forms (but you usually have to ask the store to special order). It might not be exactly as effective, but I think it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

  3. I love how the makers of your little elixir come right out and say that it doesn’t cause constipation. That’s all I need to know to want some. Gimme some of THAT!

  4. That sounds really vile, Mrs. X. Really vile.

    I stopped taking high dosage b vitamins, and now I never get that truly happy pee. Sounds like I need me some (fermented?) liquid of iron.


  5. My B Complex vitamins turn my pee bright yellow.

    For a while I was taking liquid flax seed oil. That tastes like an old man’s arse too.

    And I’m convinced that despite my PCOS diagnosis, my most significant issues is the thickness of my lining. So… I’m seriously considering trying this concoction! Ha!

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