Some of This, Some of That

I have returned home, the prodigal blogger.  This trip, unlike the last one, was for work.  And, boy did I earn my bacon.  I also had my head scrambled by the end.  There’s nothing like being “on” at full blast for three and a half days straight to make you want to curl up and watch awful television for an extended period of time.  I’m not even sure what day of the week it is, except that, unfortunately, it is most definitely not Friday yet.


One highlight of my trip was that I visited a new city and so I can now scratch off No. 11 on my list of 33 things to do in my 33rd year.  Although, this so did not make up for having to put in my new age in the elliptical machine at the gym today.  It did not make a snide remark.  Yet. 


I am constantly amazed at the banality of people’s conversations these days.  I was forced to eavesdrop on the conversation behind me on the flight home because the lady was just so freaking loud and let me tell you, it was painful.  I think “so” has become the new “like” as the favorite crutch in conversation.  “You know” followed a close second.   I just wanted to turn around and say, it’s obvious by the awkward pauses in your conversation that neither one of you really wants to talk to the other, so why don’t you both shut up and spare me the pain of listening?


Hotel pillows are consistently as a rule of thumb too soft. 


It’s really good to be home.

5 thoughts on “Some of This, Some of That

  1. I can’t fly without my ipod. I always get stuck by people have a loud conversation. The kind of conversation that starts making your brain melt after about five minutes.

  2. I hate traveling for work because it takes me a couple days to acclimate to the city/hotel I am in. I’m weird like that.

    And YES, what is up with the hotel pillows?? I stack like 4 of them just to get my head elevated.

  3. Hotel pillows are, you know, like SO too soft, Mrs. X!

    I hate loud stupid people when I’m all frazzled and tired and wanting a moment of peace.

    Sometimes, however, they are very funny. In our wacky college town, the banal convo is often hilarious. You often hear legging and eskimo-boot wearing tanorexic gals screaming into their cell phones about the merits and drawbacks of last night’s blackout drinking/make out session. Or hippies talking about various conspiracies.

  4. Oh, I hear you on the inane conversations. Dh & I ride a commuter train every day & I can’t believe what people will talk about (on their cellphones, or to each other) in public for all to hear. (Do they have to be so friggin’ LOUD???) Sometimes they ARE funny (& I can barely keep from cracking up) — but mostly they’re just annoying.

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