And Then There Were…

Right on cue this morning, the embryologist called with the Fert Report:

Of the 11 retrieved, 7 were mature. Of those 7, all were ICSI’d and 5 fertilized normally.  As of this morning, all five were growing nicely.

We are still very much in the game, but I would be a lying beyotch if I said I was totally thrilled and not the least bit disappointed.  As the numbers creep lower, it’s hard not to see your chances creeping with them. 

But, rather than obsess over this information (which I knew I would do), I emailed Dr. Salsa to get his perspective and boy, did he come through.  He used lots of exclamation points (!) in assuring me that it is normal for some eggs to not be mature and that things are still going very well. ¡Viva Dr. Salsa!

Assuming everything continues to grow, transfer will be either Saturday (3d) or Monday (5d).  

And once again, we wait.

ps – thanks for all of the wonderful thoughts. It is always nice to have such supportive comments to go and read.

17 thoughts on “And Then There Were…

  1. i know how you feel…it’s hard to not hope things could be a little different (more eggs retrieved, more fertilized, more frozen, etc.)

    you have five beautiful embryos right now though that need your confidence and faith in them! try to think positively. i am very excited for you and cant wait to hear the next report!

  2. I can understand wanting each and every egg to fertilize (I’d probably feel the same), but 5 is good. I’ll be thinking about you and hoping that all five make it to blast and that you have some left for the freezer after your transfer.

  3. I know it’s disappointing to see the numbers decrease (it is hard no matter how many you start with), but Dr. Salsa is not loco. You’re doing great, and that fert rate is awesome!

  4. The fab five! That’s a great fert rate (five of seven mature eggs).

    Here’s to hoping the “fives” continue and you transfer some beautiful blasts on day five. Hang in there!

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