Last Friday, I informed Dr. Salsa that I wanted to get started on a new IVF cycle.  And, just like that, my anxiety and indecision vanished.  I couldn’t remember what I was so undecided about.  It seemed like the most natural decision.


Four days later, two birth control pills down, the water still feels really good. 

I pick up my schedule on Thursday. 

image: Felipe Skroski

9 thoughts on “Swimmingly

  1. I love how eloquently you write your analogies for the whole process. I also love how you stick with the analogies. – Such good descriptions of feelings and emotions that can be so difficult to describe.

    I am encouraged by your thoughts and am holding onto hope for your upcoming cycle. Hope the water continues to feel good!

  2. I’m proud of you: You felt what you needed, and you went out and got it. Naturally, it feels good.

    All my thoughts and hopes are with you during this cycle. Seriously, all of them. May that margarita machine collect a year’s worth of dust, by gum!

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