On the Chopping Block

Ah, the best of intentions.

I made myself so many promises of delayed gratification – if I could just make it through the in-between period, I could have made it to the promised land, the land where all my dreams came true. I could have been proud of myself for sticking it out, for making it through the inevitable rough patches.  I could have held my accomplishment aloft for the impressed gazing of others.

But, today, I quit. 

Obviously, I am speaking of this foolish pledge upon the auspicious celebration of my birth:

silly resolutionCan you guess which one it is?

Need a hint?

It’s not No. 27. Silly people. The quilt is almost finished and I’ve already contacted a lovely organization that will take it.

Nope, it is No. 28 – officially on the chopping block as of today.  I can’t stand it anymore, which may be inversely related to the increase in the temperature as we hurl our way out of May into hell that is June.  The thing that makes this so funny is that I knew myself when I made that pledge. I knew I would reach that point where I would want to chop it off and I made the pledge to push through. So, what changed my mind?

Two words: hair drying.  It has become a PAIN.  And, as the hair grows, so will the pain of drying it because I have uber thick tresses that require a maximum blast of hot air multiple times over to dry.  The time to get ready in the morning which is already inching upwards will continue to inch, and I will begin to resent the locks that I so lovingly dreamt about.  I will also get very annoyed when I am drying said hair in an already humid bathroom on an already humid morning and will be sweating while drying my hair when I haven’t even finished drying off from the shower.

I gave it the college try and feel no guilt about jettisoning this particular pledge.  Quitters may never win, but at least I’ll look damn good with my new short do.

6 thoughts on “On the Chopping Block

  1. I let my hair grow out this past year, and I too am getting darn tired since it’s quickly becoming more and more high maintenance! After a week in 100% humidty and rain on my trip, I’m done.

    I’ve decided to cut mine off next appointment, and I say hell yeah to both of us! lol.

  2. i did the BIG chop last weekend. it’s very freeing to have short hair, although a pain since i have to straighten the ends every morning.

    congrats on almost finishing the quilt! i wish i could sew more than buttons!

  3. I finally let my hair grow OUT again a few years ago (it grows slowly) and now I need to undertake a pledge to DO things with it. But I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to take care of thick hair (though I bet it looks healthier and better when you’re done!) – I have super-fine little kid hair that dries all by itself even in the Virginia humidity.

    Enjoy your fun new ‘do, though. There’s something about a great new haircut that always makes you feel so much better.

  4. Good for you; wish I had the guts to cut mine but I have a round face so I keep it longer but blow drying it takes me 30 to 40 minutes because it is thick and curly. Congratulations on the quilt I’m sure it will make someone very happy.

  5. I feel for you, with my butt-length wool cap adding that special something to the increasingly disgusting heat. I can’t dry my hair at all in summer here (too humid). So I wind up washing it at night, braiding it into two pigtails (charming, no?), and pretending it doesn’t exist to the best of my ability.

    New haircuts–the ones that work well–are like a jolt of magical self-esteem. Are you happy with the results?

    Congrats on the

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