Lucky 7

Do you want to know the lengths I went to this morning to be prepared to receive the call from the embryologist while still being able to complete my morning gardening?

I put the cordless phone in my sports bra so that I could be hands free and still do my thing.  And, darned if it didn’t fit nicely!  I am sure any passing neighbor would have been greatly amused to see me wheeling out the wheelbarrow with my mulch with a white cordless phone sticking provacatively out of the top of my blue sports bra.  I always like to give a good show.

In the end, it didn’t matter because it reached that hour with no phone call that I either had to take G for his walk or he would do without since it is So. Freaking. Hot.  The boy has a fur coat, and anything past about 10am is just brutal for him.

So, I entrusted the phone with Mr. X who was still lounging in bed and warned him that he was required to answer the phone on pain of death.  I departed with the pooch, fully aware and not a little bit relieved that the embryologist would likely call while I was gone.  And he did.

Today’s fert report: of the 10 contendas that we had on Friday, 7 are 6-10 celled and there is a straggler 4 cell little guy that he’s watching. This means that two contendas have been voted off the island.  But, 7 are still going strong with one bringing up the rear.  For now, we are focusing on our lucky 7.  We are still in the game and that is good.    

Transfer (5d) is on Tuesday.  We have been having some discussions amongst ourselves that we want 3 embryos transferred.  Last time we had 2 transferred with zilch result.  I brought it up with Dr. Salsa and the embryologist at my WTF meeting after March’s IVF failure.  At the time, they made rather non-commital noises, but didn’t rule it out completely either.    

Regardless of how many are transferred on Tuesday, that’s when the hardest part begins: The Wait.

15 thoughts on “Lucky 7

  1. 7 out of 10 is still really great! 70% are truckin’ along! That’s an awesome, strong percentage.

    I’m looking forward to your Tuesday transfer!

  2. i always find that leaving the house is the best way to get people to phone me as well!

    i hope that tuesday comes quickly!

  3. Sending sticky and fertile thoughts your way. And, I say go for the three.

    We’re now on day 7 of the TWW. I know if our gestational carrier took a HPT right now it’d show up one way or the other, but we’re going to wait until the beta.

    Best wishes for Tuesday! I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. 🙂 your description of carrying around the phone made me smile – i’ve definitely done crazy things like that too, waiting for a call from the RE!

    good luck with your transfer tomorrow, sounds like you’ll have great embryos to select from!

  5. Great news on the seven! I’ve got everything I can possibly cross, crossed, and I’m hoping and praying that this is the one with all my heart.

    The waiting–at every stage in this process–just sucks.

    So, distraction: What are you growing this year? How are things doing? Will you come to my house with your wheelbarrow? 🙂

  6. Thanks for your comment. I would love to sit with you. Come on over to my house. I’m so excited for your transfer tomorrow. I’m hoping that the biggest decision is which of the beautiful embryos to transfer because you have sooooooooooooo many great ones.
    Good luck tomorrow. Remember to enjoy the drugs:)

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