Scare Tactics

Or, when good trips to the bathroom go bad.

I can easily count on both hands the number of times that a trip to the  bathroom has scared the beejezus out of me – and I am not including the large spider in the West Virginia outhouse or the no other option use of a port-a-potty.  I mean where what you find in the bowl is not what you thought would be there.

JanesdeadFor a lady in a family way, that usually means one thing: bright red blood.  And, I had it.

Last night around 7, after a quick trip to the grocery store, I went to the potty for a respite before making dinner.  I wasn’t really paying attention until I wiped and the previously pristinely white tissue had taken on an alarming shade of bright red.  But wait, there’s more!  A nice pool in the bowl as well.  Gives new meaning to the phrase blood in the water.

So, I quickly hurry out and tell Mr. X of the latest development in five words or less (“I’m having red!”) and we pow-wow on what to do.  I really did not want to go to the ER.  I’d had a terrible experience there the first time I was pregnant and while bright red bleeding is certainly not a great thing, I had no cramping.  I decided instead to contact Dr. Salsa who advised that if the bleeding was heavier than a period, then do not pass go, go directly to the ER.  If not, we could see him the next morning at 7am.  Have I told you how much I love my RE?

Anyway, having 20 years of menstrual experience behind me, I could tell very quickly that this was not heavier than a period and elected to stay put.  The bleeding came and went which was just awful because you get lulled into thinking that the worst is over and then the worst starts all over again.  The good news was that it wasn’t getting heavier and I still had no cramping.

alice-palaceThis morning, I put off going to the bathroom as long as I possibly could and finally couldn’t stand it any longer. Sure enough, still bleeding.  We headed out at 6:30 am and Dr. Salsa saw us first thing. 

After a very uncomfortable encounter with the speculum, he declared that it was true blood – to which I wanted to respond, as opposed to fake blood?  But, I kept my mouth shut and deduced that he meant as opposed to menstrual blood.  And, it was definitely coming from the cervix. 

Out came the speculum (thank God!) and in went the dildo cam and there was the little bugger, apparently oblivious to the commotion going on around it.  I could have sworn that I saw it wiggling, but Mr. X thinks it might have been the camera angle.  Either way, the heart was beating away.  Dr. Salsa also found the source of the bleed: a blood vessel outside of the uterus had likely been broken by the overly aggressive tentacles of the growing placenta, which he – no kidding – likened to a tumor.  This of course required me to say in my best Ahnold voice, “It’s not a tuh-muh!” 

Dr. Salsa declared that he was not concerned, particularly since my cervix was shut tighter than the credit markets.  Still, I’m on somewhat modified duty on a wait-and-see basis.  Today’s highlights have been little to no cramping and brown spotting/bleeding.  I’m learning the hard way that when it comes to me and the big P, there is never a dull moment.

Also, I had planned on posting a lovely little entry yesterday since yesterday was our bi-weekly check up appointment at 9w4d or 9w6d, depending upon who’s method you use.  Everything looked good – heartbeat was 180, measurement was at 9w5d and we saw little arm and leg buds.   We’ve never made it this far before – with the first, the baby died at 9w2d and with the second, it didn’t make it past 8w6d.  So, it was quite the milestone and while it is not the same as an all clear, we savored it nonetheless.  Needless to say, this has been tempered a bit by last night’s fireworks.  While we’ve made it farther than ever, we were reminded that we’re not out of the danger zone.

images: Janesdead, alice-palace

19 thoughts on “Scare Tactics

  1. How frightening! I’m glad to hear Dr. Salsa is not concerned, and that he has an explanation. As if the whole “P” thing wasn’t difficult enough already.

  2. I’m so glad you and The Little One are ok. What a scary experience. =(

    I’m also glad that Dr. Salsa is so on top of things. It must help, at least a little, to know that you have someone like him in your corner.

    Congrats on your latest milestone!

  3. It is scary to see blood after all you have been through to get in this condition. I saw blood when I went of my progesterone. I was really freaked out at first, but felt better after talking to my OB. I am glad this is something similar. Hopefully you will be able to relax soon.

  4. so sorry to read about the scare, especially how the timing of it overshadowed the beautiful scan yesterday. congrats on such a great ultrasound & i hope the spotting eases up so you can begin to enjoy the big P.

  5. It IS like a tumor. The same genes that allow angiogenesis with a fetus also facilitate the same action with cancers. Neat, eh?

    P.S. I’m glad everything is ok!

  6. Aaaaah! Your post scared me! Random placental bleeds just suck. But I’m so very glad that all is well and that Dr. Salsa could see you right away and check on the little one.

  7. Yay closed cervix!! Drat that overachieving placenta! You are absolutely fine. Although I admit I was holding my breath and skimming your post rapidly until I got to the closed cervix part. I’m sure you were terrified – I’m sorry you went through that. I believe you’ve been through e-effing-nuff. Keep on tip-toeing through the danger zone, it’s narrowing every day. Thinking of you!

  8. Dr. Salsa is my hero right now! I am SO thankful that everything seems to be going good with, as my hubby likes to call it, “the parasite”… (hope that makes you chuckle a bit…

    I’m so sorry that you had such a nasty scare, but am so thankful nothing adverse was going on (how’s that for optimistic???).

    I hope your heart rate has returned to normal, and you’ve been able to just focus on those little arm and leg buds, and that vigorous heartbeat.

    Praying every day for you and Mr. X and all you’re going through.

  9. So sorry for the scare — red is not welcome, but –umm– yay(?) for true blood. Glad you’re in good hands with a clear explanation and happy, comfy bean who is oblivious to the melee.

  10. Gald to know I’m not the only one skimming to see if there was a happy ending to this post! My heart was in my throat for a while. I can only imagine where yours was.

    Horray for Dr.Salsa & his non-panic inducing focus.

    Prayers are being said for tiny arm & leg buds to grow longer!

  11. I was a wreck when I read the first few lines. I’m so glad your little one is doing well. I am so hoping for no more scary things from here on in.

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